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April 10 2014

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell is interviewed about art work for "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" episode "Providence". Executive Producer Jeffrey Bell provides insight behind the promotional art for the eighteenth episode of the season.

Interesting, there is no Deathlok or John Garrett in the image.
Note the positioning of the two known HYDRA people in front of Coulson. I've been thinking about the lab where he was resurrected - possibly a HYDRA-esque place (those unlucky guards weren't SHIELD). So now they've been in his brain ... or not, since the Clairvoyant didn't understand how he came back.

And I wonder what has happened to Ron Glass.

My head hurts.
I think the guards were SHIELD, they got into that place by following Fury's online paper trail. Simmons next to Tripplet has me wondering though, what if one is HYDRA, trying to convince the other to join? Or they both could be just not aware they are on the same time so it's easier for them to maintain cover?
Oh I like that, it's very 70s action movie poster.
Coulson coming back from the dead seems to be a total SHIELD thing. One of the themes of the Captain America movie was that SHIELD and Hydra are two sides of the same coin. SHIELD is not entirely innocent and it does have blood on its hands. I feel that Fury moving mountains to bring back Coulson is a continuation of this theme.

The other thing I love about the beginning of last episode is that the show is now completely a Whedon show and a spy show. Every one of our main characters has something to hide and has some what betrayed the group for what they think is right. Anyone one of them can be the bad guy. This is the type of moral gray area (as Wesley would say) that a spy show and a Whedon show both inhabit with their characterization.

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These promotional posters are awesome! I like this just as much as the last and in a totally different way.
I am so far behind on the episodes, but with this poster and everything else, this is sounding really good.

Also, isn't Clark Gregg epic on the level of James Bond in that poster?
@alber - Yes! And get thyself to Hulu. You won't be sorry :)

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