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April 11 2014

Dark Horse bring Buffy and Angel exclusives to WonderCon 2014. Lovely variant covers for the Buffy Season 10 titles.

Buffy's new hairstyle is starting to grow on me. I think comic Buffy pulls off short hair better than Sarah Michelle Gellar. :)
Man...all these variant covers and exclusives are killing my wallet :/
I avoid that by choosing whichever has the pics of the most groovy chicks . . . .
I used to go to WonderCon when it was in San Francisco. It's where I got to meet Joss and just generally swoon at him. (Not an exaggeration.)

But now that it's in Anaheim with no indication of moving back... meh.
I want the Buffy cover.
Wow - Spike almost looks like a photo of James Marsters!

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