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April 11 2014

(SPOILER) Guardians of the Galaxy to set up Avengers 3. Director James Gunn mentions how The Guardians of the Galaxy film ties into the continuity of Marvel's The Avengers movies.

This looks freaking awesome. Love the universe-building that Marvel is doing. And the builders they're working with. Going to see Captain America 2 again tonight!
The article says A3 doesn't have a release date... has something changed? I thought it was down for May 1, 2015...
Avengers 2's release date is May, 2015. This is speculating way into the future about Avengers 3 -- a movie that Joss might not be involved with in any way.
Gah! Thanks, dottikin. That's what I get for not paying attention! I read 3 and typed 3, but all along my brain was registering it as 2.
I would love a Joss Avengers trilogy, but this things take so much time...
Really glad to hear they're going the mo-cap route for Thanos -

Also - this movie looks trippy as hell. Can't wait
I picture Avengers 3 around 2018/2019.
Seeing the trailer removed almost all doubts I had about the project. "Shot on film" is about the last one (doubt) to remain.

TallMichaelJ-mo-cap still depends on who's running we know who handled the particulars?

Re: Joss trilogy-Even for the contractual hassles, I bet Joss loves the work. He knows more, I suspect, about comic books than Neil Gaiman. I think he's enough of a businessman to realize the opportunity to do paying work in a 'field of your dreams.'
Not sure how Neil Gaiman entered the conversation here but he did write one of the most groundbreaking series in comics. And Neil Gaiman's main trade is novels.
The comparison is that he has more general knowledge than others who make their living in the field. No offense to Mr. Gaiman-It seemed more politik to use the name of someone not neck-deep in the business today.

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He knows more about comics than someone who actually worked in the comic book industry and wrote a comic that had defined comics as a medium.

Who once told someone, who insisted he didn't write comic books but graphic novels, "Back in my day, we called them comic books."

Sorry, "No offense to Mr. Gaiman or his legions of fans." The point was simply that Joss has a rare talent for extracting use out of his encyclopedic knowledge. Feel free to test my assertion the next time you have a lull in conversation and both gents in the room.
2018 seems like a safe bet for Avengers 3. I'm predicting a MCU film schedule that resembles this:

May - The Avengers 2 (confirmed)
July - Antman (confirmed)

May - Captain America 3 (confirmed)
July/August - Dr. Strange OR Thor 3 (uncomfirmed)

April/May - Dr. Strange OR Thor 3 (unconfirmed)
July/August - Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (unconfirmed)

May(?) - The Avengers 3 (date unconfirmed)

- Black Panter
- The Incredible Hulk 2
- Ms. Marvel
- Black Widow

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I keep thinking, 'GotG 2?!?' Then I remembered that
Kevin Feige would probably be happy even if it was his Waterloo. Excelsior, boys!
Feige has talked about Marvel potentially expanding to 3 or 4 movies a year. If that was the case, 2016 would be the best bet to release a Ms. Marvel movie because by then you would have established the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy (I'm assuming), and you'd be putting it in a strong year (because everyone on earth is looking forward to Captain America 3). Also, it makes more sense than 2017 because by then, we'd be 3 years out from Guardians of the Galaxy and you don't want to have to refresh people too much. A Black Widow movie in 2017 would make a lot of sense, because Marvel could bring in Jeremy Renner. I think everyone wants to see Black Widow and Hawkeye in a movie together.

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