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April 11 2014

(SPOILER) Preview of next episode of Agents Of Shield. The opening from this coming Tuesday's episode,"Providence."

I need a Raina spin-off. Heck, i wanna marry her. I know she is a psicopath, but love is blind and sometimes stupid.

The evil-one-we-did-not-see-coming is cool tough. Feels pretty comfortable in his new skin.
Ha, well, I want to marry Drusilla, so I feel ya.
Oh good. I've been hoping there'd be more Raina in the future. She's great. In a very evil way of course.
Oh, it'll be good to have Raina back in the mix! I was wondering if perhaps she and Ward had some kind of relationship going on but from her reaction - I guess not?

I love the fact she's been making origami flowers to brighten up her cell a bit :)
That's what I always do to brighten up my cell!

Tuesday can't come soon enough. Why does the weekend have to get in the way?
Raina's obsession with the Clairvoyant is fascinating. Groupie #4 anyone? :)
A second preview clip has been added here.
Oh my, doesn't Ward look so happy now? Brett must be LOVING this.
Glad I'm not the only one feeling the Raina love. She's fascinating.

The helicopter scene, that was okay. I kept thinking of remote controlled Air Hogs. I really wished that hadn't crept in my head.

So I shared with you.
I like the series turning on it's head, even though in the comic books I always thought AIM was cooler than HYDRA.

Even still, they need to have an actual superhero drop in, or walk through a scene or something. It seems as if the show is completely divorced from every thing else. You don't want to use it as a crutch, but you still need to make it clear where you are.

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