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April 12 2014

Robert Downey, Jr. gets his own Twitter account. The quick witted Avenger has joined Twitter.

Protocol, such as it here, would state that we actually link to the Twitter account rather than to an article. So I've tweaked your entry accordingly.
Hope I'm not out of call here, but I just learned TwOP is no more. That sadden my heart very much.

To the subject in hand, I'm wishing Robert Downey, Jr. site well being.

I still feel that loss and it hurts.
Thanks for letting me know Simon.
And he quickly broke the million follower mark. I'm just grinning at his Whedon/Marvel following list.
Linking to his alt account would be better. You know, the ones that actually are reviewed by human eyes? So much branding on Twitter-its hard to get actual communication through. (Not like I have a lot to RDJ about...but, if I did-it would be better.)
thought he already had one
Almost npothing about Twitter will interest me until I figure out a way to delete the 700+ follows the hackers stuck me with while also not losing my original, "real," Follows.

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