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April 12 2014

The format for a second season of Agents of SHIELD? Deadline says there's "talk that a pickup for Agent Carter may come along with a renewal for Marvel's freshman Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., with the new series possibly serving as a bridge between the fall and spring portions of S.H.I.E.L.D."

I'm all for that. It ends the problem of two episodes then a repeat. Hopefully it will also include Emily Vancamp dropping by for an episode.
I think they mean Agent Carter would air sometime in December-January (during AoS's downtime). It's a cool concept, and I enjoyed the one-shot, but Marvel already has FOUR other shows to deal with for Netflix. I worry that they are spreading their resources very thin. I'm a fan of quality over quantity.
I like that idea and I really want an Agent Carter series as well.
As I read it the Agent Carter series would be;

1) shorter (10-12 episodes, possibly even shorter than that)
2) mainly run in Jan & Feb. The additional weeks would be either
Dec or Mar. Which one it is depends on two things not specified;

a) the number of episodes of AC to be shot and
b) how much AoS they want to do prior to Avengers 2 and for that matter afterwards.

And for what its worth I think its a good idea as well.

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unless they announce a Trevor slattery series, then I am confident that the agent carter show will be made for the right reasons, as opposed to them just converting every one-shot concept into a series.

actually, nevermind. I want a slattery series.
Except ABC could probably use another Marvel series full time...
Good and good. Ms. Atwell makes me cry without crying. We need so much more of her work.

Trentaferd-Caged Heat was cancelled-get over it. It's not coming back. They had lightning in a jar and broke the jar.
The screenwriters of the Captain America films while promoting Cap 2 who are also writing the pilot for Agent Carter confirmed that Agent Carter was being planned as more of a 10 to 12 episode season show so what Deadline is reporting would work.
As much as I would love an Agent Carter series (featuring Dominic Cooper) I imagine ABC are going to see how SHIELD does ratings wise for season two before committing to a second marvel series.
As long as they stick to the "bridge" series plan, I love this idea. Having a related series to fill in the hiatus for SHIELD would be great (as would fewer off weeks in the fall/spring as a result of the long mid-season hiatus). Seems like a win all around.

ABC said they were going to do this with Once Upon a Time and Once: Wonderland this year, though, and then decided they liked Wonderland so much they were going to run it as a regular fall series. So I'll believe ABC is going through with a bridge series plan when I see it.
I'm curious who would be the show runners and writers for Agent Carter. It seems like all they have now is a promising script, and a Hayley Atwell who's interested in starring, but no announced creative team behind it. I guess we'll probably get more on that when/if it gets a pick up.

Edit: Actually on wikipedia it says, and this sounds familiar to me now, that Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas would be showrunners.

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It would be interesting if some part of AOS season two actually related to Agent Carter season one, so that the bridge created by the latter is actually relevant to the storyline in the former.
Perhaps the fabled Zodiac will find its way into Agents of SHIELD after Agent Carter and her pals mess around with it a bit.
The worst part of Agents of SHIELD is the scheduling and this would fix most of that. Also, they need a show at 9 p.m. that shares more of the same target audience.
@trentaferd they are showrunners on Resurrection now and that had a large debut and managed to hold on to a decent amount of its audience. I wonder if ABC would sacrifice that for something unproven. Tim Minear and Shawn Ryan creating and running Terriers and Chicago Code at basically the same time didn't really help either.

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I didn't see the short but I do think this is a good move. Once Upon a Time split there season into two arcs and it's working. I keep thinking Once has jumped the shark but then the story remains compelling and keeps me interested. Maybe a run of 8-10 eps per half could work really well for A of S, especially in the weeks up to Avengers 2.

When is that released? I have to schedule a sitter now. ;-)
I wondered whether AC would be ABC or a Netflix show. This would solve the scheduling problem AoS has assuming ABC actually goes with this plan.

I support this idea for the benefit of both AoS and AC.

Once:Wonderland was intended to be a bridge between the two halves of the main OUAT show but they moved it to Thursday at 8:00 a time slot that is infamously bad for ABC. It's cancelled now. Even Paul Lee admitted that it was a mistake to move it. So I know what I don't want to happen to AC!

And I agree with hannn23 doing two separate arcs seemed to really help the writing, it could probably relieve some stress off AoS as well.
It'll be interesting to see how the show does standalone arcs and the inevitable tie-in with Age of Ultron next season. Five quid says that there will be some speculation that one of the characters is secretly a robot.
I keep wondering why not more of the 22-ep network shows get around those ridiculously long seasons by effectively doing two seasons in one with 11-11 each with their own arc that a cable show would do in 10-13. But I guess TV will forever remain weird.
This could be a smart move. People who don't like SHIELD might give Agent Carter a chance and if ABC does a good job, it can keep viewers in the Marvel fold and if there are crossover events between the two shows (for instance, maybe Coulson's team finds an old, open case and we see Agent Carter investigating the original one).

I don't think Marvel is going to have trouble with the workload at all. Marvel is a massive studio and seems to be pretty hands off with the ABC properties. They just need to hire the right people and let them loose.

If Marvel is focused on putting their hands into anything outside the MCU, it's going to be the Netflix shows, since Daredevil is one of its flagship properties and Marvel hasn't been able to show what it can do until now (Fox made the Daredevil movie, then the rights reverted back to Disney/Marvel last year). Hiring Drew Goddard to run it was a smart move and I'm excited to see his take on the character. Hiring Goddard, who has an extensive film resume, makes me think Marvel is planning a Daredevil movie in the future and wants to ensure it has a cinematic look from the get go.
Tausif, Terriers was completely finished when they started Chicago Code. It was in the can before it started airing.
Sorry, I know how out-of-date I am but I also remember the years she and Steve were dating and I can't suppress those shudders.
Sigh. Terriers. /threadjack

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