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April 14 2014

Happy birthday, Sarah Michelle Gellar! Our Chosen One celebrates her 37th birthday today.

She shares her birthday with Peter Capaldi, Twelfth(ish) Doctor. A real day to celebrate. A nice celebratory set of gifs is here.

According to my local paper, it was yesterday. Oh well, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday, as the cowboys sang in a Mr. PEabody cartoon.
Still awesome after all these years.
Write a letter to the lack-of-editor? :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS PRINZE JR. Eternally young. Tuned in to The Crazy Ones because of you, stayed 'cause it quickly hooked me with its cooky-nes.
zeirgeist : I might, but back when I tried emailing the person creditted with the dialy almanac (to beg him, no surprise knowing me, to include Amber) it didn't deliver. Story of my life.
Happy Birthday to both of them!
Goodness, Only 37?

What, was she -5 in the Burger King commercial?
Happy birthday, SMG!
Ans she's still younger and looking better than me. ;-)
happy cupcake day slayer :-)
Happy Birthday, Sarah!!!
Happy Birthday Sarah!

Nice to see the Buffy cast celebrating each others birthdays on twitter.

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