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April 14 2014

Paul Bettany confirms Vision role in 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron'. Paul Bettany discusses the difference between voicing JARVIS and playing Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

I saw this the other day when the episode ran on ABC. Makes me feel better about having Vision's inclusion in the movie spoiled, I guess, because they're talking a bit openly about it now. Still, that would have been a really cool surprise. So, I think I'm gonna just stay off the internet for the remaining year before the movie comes out.

But I'll be back in like 15 minutes to see if anything cool has happened.
So we can assume that JARVIS will become Vision then?
There's no reason to assume that Jarvis will become Vision. Actors have portrayed 2 different characters even in the same movie, for example Gordon Liu and Robert Parks in the Kill Bill movies. AND John RhysDavies inthe The Lord of the Rings movies. And Benedict Cumberbatch in The Hobbit movies. I would go on but you get the point. No one has to become anyone else.
Sometimes on TV, two identical people play the same character in the same episode.

Oh, but Vision!
I would be astonished if there isn't some sort of direct line from JARVIS to Vision.
My theory is that Ultron will transform Jarvis into Vision and attempt to control him and use him against Tony - this will not go well.

I'm actually pretty excited to see Paul Bettany as a fully fledged member of the MCU.
There's got to be a connection. Has the Whedonverse ever used an actor twice for seperate roles without one? I mean recurring.

I'm with @banner's theory. And it could be as simple as Ultron just using a voice that will drive Tony crazy, sort of like Siri. This isn't going to be a fun movie for Tony.

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Based on the (evil) program we saw in Cap2, I'm still thinking that Ultron will be a corrupted version of JARVIS that was stolen from Stark labs by bad guys (Strucker?). Guessing that Bettany will be playing two distinct characters, like John Rhys-Davies played Gimli but did voice work for Treebeard (among others).

Bettany's normal voice is different enough from "JARVIS" that it won't be confusing to the audience.

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My theory is that Tony build Vision to take over his responsibilities and it has Jarvis integrated. Then it gets corrupted and becomes Ultron. Glad Bettany is gonna physically be in it.
@Boto James Spader has already been cast as Ultron so Ultron and Vision will be two different beings.
Not necessarily. They can be two different entities, but perhaps, along with the change in looks there's also going to be a change in personality and even voice, a total corruption of Vision. Would make it more personal for Tony if his creation, controlled by his... almost-friend A.I. became something totally different and destructive. That's my theory, at least, and I'm sticking to it.

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I think this is good, there are lots of ways to give Tony angst with this situation if that's the direction that's taken.

Now I'll be disappointed if there isn't a connection. But I'd get over it.

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Well, if JARVIS and Ultron are both metal, but Vision remains plastic(hope so,) it'll wrinkle differently.
There will definitely be a link between Jarvis and Vision. No way this double casting is a coincidence.

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