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April 15 2014

(SPOILER) Brett Dalton on last week's SHIELD reveal. An interview with Brett Dalton about last week's SHIELD episode.

That joke about karaoke night at a Hydra base is exactly the kind of whedonesque thing I hope they do in a future episode.

Bob, Agent of Hydra in the comics is proof that irreverence is fun when it comes to evil organisations!
And sadly, SkyeWard is not dead...
Personally, I think SkyeWard just got a lot more fun. Skye started off as the rebel who wanted to take on SHIELD and let information be free. It took her about 5 minutes to start saying stuff like, "We live in the shadows." She's so pliable, it will be fun to see how much Evil Ward can mess with her head.
karaoke night at Hydra sounds great... some irreverence makes me think of the evil organization in Cabin in the Woods.
I'm currently doing a rewatch of the entire season so far.

So funny going back into the eps with the things you know.

Garrett: "Well, I'm a bit of a sweet talker when I need to be." [sizes up Ward and gives a half smile] "You wouldn't believe what I could talk this son-of-a-gun into." [broad grin]
Ward: [mischievous smirk]
(from T.A.H.I.T.I.)
I have it on good authority that Season 2 will center around Skye and Ward trying to move past their international espionage differences and starting a life and family together. "You forgot to switch the laundry!" "Oh yeah, well you betrayed me for an evil underground organization bent on world domination!" That kind of thing. It'll be set in the suburbs with a mostly new cast of characters around them, but by sheer coincidence, Fitz will live next door.
Not to mention, it's revealed in the midseason finale that the bar our group of heroes regularly attend is owned by none other than Mr. Deathlok! "But I was just starting to like it here" "Oh honey, get used to it. This is a terrible world we live in."
My definite take away, like other folks here, is that I now want Karoke at the Hydra base.

That interviewer for CBR is evil - telling us all that Ward can sing.
Yep we need to start a petition cause I now have this "vision" of Ward belting out Copacabana in that Hydra Karakoe bar.

*Mandy has been retired by acclimation.
On eyecam: "Mr. Peterson, our operation is nearly insolvent. If you want to see Ace again, you must water down the booze more."

Just evil...

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