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April 15 2014

Set your DVR! Neil Patrick Harris will be on "Good Morning, America" Wednesday and Thursday. On April 16th, "Good Morning America" will air a segment featuring a Hedwig panel interview with Neil Patrick Harris and others. Then on Thursday, April 17 Neil will be live from GMA's Times Square studio to talk about his Hedwig role.

NPH wasn't on. Could GMA be different in different regions? Big disappointment! And it would have been such a nice day-after-my-birthday present.
YAY! I was WRONG! I thought the show was over at the 1/h hour point (sure looked like it), but I kept it on. He was on in the 2nd half, and it was really interesting. I'm really hoping I will get to see this show if it's still on in October. Anybody know what the run is supposed to be?
Got me a ticket to see him. Live. On stage. On Broadway. How awesome is that!?

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