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April 16 2014

Ratings for last night's episodes of Agents of SHIELD. The show's new episode got a 2.1/6 in the 9pm timeslot. The 8pm rerun got a 1.1/4. Once the final ratings come in later on today, the ratings may be adjusted up.

So safe to say that the show now has a loyal audience?
What will be interesting is if we get the usual tick up in the finals, we might come out ahead of NCIS (both) this week!
This is good news. And it was a good ep with great snow gear.
These are good target demographic ratings. SHIELD will be renewed and I think the core audience will continue to build buzz for it. I have a feeling SHIELD will get more viewers in its second season when people realize how intertwined with the cinematic universe things actually are.

I was at a comic shop in Manhattan last weekend and both the employee and a huge marvel fan had not watched the show regularly. They gave up after the initial 2 or 3 episodes. Then I explained the insanity of the last 2 episodes and how intertwined they were with the events of Captain America and they vowed to tune in and catch the show.

I'm psyched. And I'm psyched for Agent Carter getting the greenlight even though I haven't even seen her short! I'm just loving the world building they're doing. Geeking out here.
GOOD. Hope the show can keep it up. Evil Ward and Evil Garrett help. As do Patton Oswalt, Amy Acker, Cobie Smulders, and Samuel Motherfucking Jackson.
So...with the replay/premiere format, ARE we getting a Marvel Movie every week?
ABC would be foolish not to renew it now.
BarryC, if it meant getting rid of the Goldbergs every week it would be a double blessing!
It ticked up to a 2.1 and 5.52 million viewers.
It would be nice if SLJ did more than a cameo in the finale. I know they want the show to exist on its own without constant tie-ins with the movies, but since we seem to hear Fury's name every other scene and he's they're boss, go ahead and put him front and center for an episode.
Great to see it catch an uptick as the show gets better and better!
Nice recovery from last week. New permanent time slot?
I would love it if it was changed to 9 p.m. for good.
I'm thinking the same thing. Maybe there was finally a ratings bump from word of mouth, but 9pm might just be a better time slot.

Of that doesn't mean they're going to move it, even if it is a better timeslot. They have to put *something* at 8pm.
On second thought, the bump may have been because Patton Oswalt was on the show. If I weren't already watching, I'd have watched this episode for him.

Just to be safe, he should be made a regular character. :D
Good to see the ratings too an upswing :D
>> This is good news. And it was a good ep with great snow gear.

That's usually the basis for my viewing choices.
Emotional resonance and great snow gear.

"Party of Five"? Great emotional resonance,
but not so much with the snow gear.
(and no rocket launchers)

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