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April 17 2014

Angel's ten funniest moments. As compiled by Den of Geek.

#10 is so not funny just because it will always lead to the end of the episode :(
I really need to rewatch Angel.
Yep Ė me too!
I love Angel jumping into the wrong car. Right away you know you're not watching Buffy's Angel.
My favorite part of this list is how it answers the question 'Is this a comedy episode?', and the answer is 'no' on nearly all of them. That's 'Angel' for you - dark show, and hilarious moments.
@Ship: at least they have a proper disclaimer...

"Is this a comedy episode I can watch to relax after a long hard day at the office? No. Absolutely not. Emphatically, categorically, definitively not. The argument takes place right at the beginning of the episode and itís downhill from there, happiness-wise. If you have had a bad day, stay as far away from this episode as humanly possible. Unless youíre in the mood to wallow and sob into an entire box of Kleenex, in which case go right ahead."

:) ..... :*(

edit: it's pretty weird how they give a spoiler warning for Angel season 1-5 but also completely spoil the entirety of Buffy season 5 in their explanation of #1.

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*I* can hate Andrew, when I want to. (then again, Jonathan is alive in all my ficverses.)

I think one implication of Spike's losing to Puppetangel is that for one thing he couldn't stop laughing long enough to fight.

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