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April 17 2014

Astronaut makes first ever Instagram selfie from the ISS, wearing a Firefly t-shirt. Astronaut Steve Swanson took the very first Instagram selfie in space. And just to show he's a big damn hero, he did it wearing a Firefly t-shirt.

Apparently Steve is responsible for everything browncoats related in the black, as he took his Firefly and Serenity DVD's up there in 2007. He donated them to the ISS multimedia library for future reference.

The shirt reads "Serenity Shipping and Logistics, Est. 2459, Everything's Shiny".

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I know it's linked in the linked article, but Breaking Atmo is where the 2007 story of the DVDs to ISS lives.

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That's super shiny awesome, esp with Earth in the background.

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