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April 17 2014

Dallas Comic-Con will have the full Firefly cast in attendance. It was posted back in March that they had most of the cast, but since then they've announced the remaining four will be coming. So it's a full set.

Don't entirely know if it's appropriate posting it again, but I'm not sure when's the last time anyone's had all nine in the same place at the same con. Not entirely sure if they're all there on the same days but hey.

>> So it's a full set.

Slight foxing around the edges.
RobynH - insta-WIN. That's it, all the internets won for you, nothing will ever top that, done, period and full stop. :D Bra-*vo*....!!
So does this mean we're going to get a season two announcement?

(grinning, ducking, and running...)
Is this the first time they've appeared together since Serenity's release?
Damn. Wish I could go.
Is it a boxed set? With special, limited packaging?
Seems like it, Shea. Far as I can remember, the cons have always been missing at least one or two. Damn. Hope they do a panel and people record the hell out of it. Haven't been in the same place for roughly nine years. You can't not almost. I hope there's lots of photos of them together at least.
Comic Con, not Comic-Con. "Comic-Con" is a longtime registered trademark by the company that runs the San Diego Comic-Con.
Well, we only get the Captain this year at Phoenix Comic Con. But it's enough.

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