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April 17 2014

Watch the first three minutes of Joss Whedon's 'In Your Eyes'. "Directed by Won't Back Down writer Brin Hill, In Your Eyes premieres Sunday at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival."

That was an unexpected treat.
Ha, ha, ha... Poor director. No matter what, its gonna be a Joss Whedon joint, innit?

I hope this gets soon on VOD or dvd, cause the chances of it opening in spanish theaters make the concept "slim" look like a probability. At least this century.

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Wow. Wasn't expecting a clip this early. I'm liking it already.
I started clapping at my computer when I saw Bellwether. Terrifying scene, yet sweetly so.
It has me hooked already.
Ah damn. So short! But now I'm really looking forward to a DVD release or something. I waited for much ado for almost a year and a half, I can handle this. I think
This looks fantastic. I can't wait to sit down in a theater and watch the whole thing.
It will be interesting to see if this manages to get a select theater release like Much Do did or if it'll end up straight-to-DVD after making the rounds at festivals. I'm betting on the former. If Much Ado is anything to go by, it'll be a while on this though.
I thought the acting from the male kids and their teacher was pretty poor, but the editing back and forth towards the end of the clip was really suspenseful and well-done. I'm looking forward to it.

Also, Cress Williams is always a plus.
In case it wasn't posted elsewhere, here is a nice little piece.

The 11 Most Anticipated Movies of the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival
Huh. The title's more literal than I expected.
Just got my ticket! So psyched!
Cool! I like it.
Apparently I have video blocked on EW - any suggestions how to watch it?
This looks *good* - I wanted to keep watching but wah! it ended too soon.

I figured that the title prolly had dual meanings, but yeah - had no idea that one of them was so literal. I've heard remarkably little about this film, so all of it is pretty surprise-y.

Want to see it. In a real the-ayter.

(I haven't seen any version other than EW's exclusive video, so not sure what you can do alternatively, ShadowQuest. Do you know how/why it's blocked for you?)
Ooh nice; reminds me of the pre-titles teasers of classic Buffy episodes. Colour me intrigued... Looking forward to more, especially with the prospect of Zoe Kazan working Joss's dialogue.
Looks a lot better than I initially thought it would. Can't wait to see the whole film!
Shadowquest, The simplest thing is to try a different browser. It's quite possible that some kind of ad blocker with your browser is preventing it. If not, then patience, because someone will repost to youtube in a day or two.
It looks a little too TV movie-y, especially the titles and all. But the premise has me hooked. Hope this gets a day-and-date VOD release if it gets a US limited release so us international fans won't have to suffer.
The clip is really compelling. I wasn't expecting either. Any chance this may see a wider release maybe in small independent theaters?
Anyone else catch Richard Riehle's (aka Merrick) name in the credits?
Looks interesting. But I hope they grow up and move somewhere that isn't so ridiculously white.
Shadowquest: if you don't want to switch browsers try selectively disabling whatever script-blocking add-on you're using for that site only. (No-script will even let you do this temporally, and ABP is easy to toggle on and off.)

ETA: As for the clip itself, it looks fantastic, and I'm eager to see it when it comes out, be it in theaters or DVD.

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Oh this looks good. Raises so many questions right from the start.
I had to watch it twice in a row and my heart jumped at the end both times. I'm really looking forward to this.
Gosh dang it, that Joss is setting us up for another heartbreak!!
That looks awesome! I hope we'll see it in theaters sometime soon.

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