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April 18 2014

'Orphan Black' and dream sequences. Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire are used to explain BBC America's Orphan Black. Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Restless is used as an example of dream sequences in media.

Huge spoilers for Orphan Black. I love the show; nothing has grabbed me from the get-go like this one has, maybe ever. Maybe more than even Firefly. But, huge spoilers!

Listening to the podcast now, but not sure how they tie this in to dream sequences, since Orphan Black does not do dream sequences or flashbacks.
Thanks for the spoiler warning. I think I'll skip this one!
I disagree with them about Dollhouse. I never saw it as misogynistic but a commentary on misogyny. And I actually find its characters and storylines much more fascinating. It was just never consistently pulled off while Orphan Black is solid.

What stands out about OB is Tatiana Maslany's performance. I do agree that she would've been amazing in Dollhouse. The twists are fun and it is addictive. But so far the scifi and story haven't really impressed me.
Agree about Tatiana Maslany; her performance is what makes Orphan Black must-see TV. It's one of the best female roles ever, in TV, movies, or stage, and she simply owns it.

Season two starts tonight, but don't try to pick up in the middle. You must watch season one first. 10 episodes, completely binge-worthy.
TM deserves every bit of praise she gets. You can honestly forget it's the same actress in the scenes, and they way they've edited it so it never feels gimmicky is astounding.

The show is an awesome shot of adrenaline but has great character development as well. I do agree with them it does a good mash-up of genres, and the Riley/Paul comparison. And the Alison & Felix friendship is awesome!
If TM was Echo, would Dollhouse have lasted more than two seasons? I was always a defender of Dushku, until I saw Tatiana playing Sarah pretending to be Alison and realized what could have been.
Haven't listened to the podcast, but am always happy to join in a chorus of Tatiana Maslany praise. She is amazing. She and Enver could be a Dollhouse unto themselves.
Tumnus, I'm sure Tatiana Maslany would have gotten enough praise on Dollhouse to convince a few extra people to try it out just for her, but I don't actually think Eliza Dushku's performance had much to do with its struggle for an audience. (But then I always defended her too.)

I can't resist a chance to praise Tatiana Maslany. Forget that she makes each character look like she's played by a different actress. She must be the hardest-working actor on television simply because she's the only one to regularly clock more screen-time than there are minutes in an episode.

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