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April 18 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer cast: then and now. US Weekly recaps each actor's career over the years.

The author was clearly a bit sloppy with some of these. For example, Anthony Head has done quite a bit more than the blurb gives him credit for.
I would see a lot more of these people if I could tolerate procedurals.
Was Seth Green really in the Buffy movie? I didn't know that. Also Amber Benson had a movie career as a youngster before she did Buffy.
And Stripper ROLL? Really? I am picturing somersaults but I think they meant role.
Is anyone watching the Adam Busch series? I am so out of the loop lately, I didn't know that existed.

[ edited by Xane on 2014-04-19 01:35 ]
It was a good trip down memories row. Gosh, to date, they still haven't found a replacement. BtVS is truly a classic.
I agree it's pretty sloppy. Nathon Fillion was on Firefly before he was in Buffy's final season.
Xane You mean his vampire internet series? It ended after three episodes. I watched them - they were fairly humorous.

I don't know why people can't get simple homonyms correct. A roll you eat, a role you play.

I saw a movie that Amber was in that was set during the Depression. My mom actually recognized her before I did. "Isn't that Whatstername. You like her." Thanks, Mom, that really helps. "From Buffy."
Look up "Bye Bye Love - Amber" on youtube. Amber Benson and Eliza Dushku were in a movie together before Buffy.
ShadowQuest : I don't have time to scroll through 47 pages,b ut Adam is in the TBS sitcom _Men At Work_, so maybe they meant that.
So poorly done. Each deserve more than just a blurb.
How dare they not mention "Repo: The Genetic Opera" for ASH. I mean, seriously, that movie is brilliant.

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