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April 20 2014

Angel's son gets hitched to a Gilmore Girl. Always thought Kartheiser sounded extremely professional in his commentaries and interviews. Nice to see two pleasant actors together. Hope it works out.

What a weird article. It quotes a Vulture article from 2010, and another story from 2013.
Post a bit gossipy for Whedonesque...
Alexis Bledel is probably my ideal gal..So jealous! LOL!

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I had no idea they were a couple. They had great chemistry in Mad Men, though--I really enjoyed that subplot.

The article is weirdly-written, though: "Vincent Kartheiser and Alexis Bledel have stayed extremely mum about their relationship since first meeting on set of Mad Men in 2012, but alas, Kartheiser has finally opened up (a little!) about his now-fiancee ..."

"Alas"? Is the writer sad that Kartheiser is talking about his fiancee? Or does the writer just think "alas" is a meaningless word that sounds good after "but"? This word choice baffles me.
I would guess the writer and/or editor thinks it means "at last"
You are probably right, bobw10.

And if you are right ... well, all I can say is: the world is definitely doomed. :-P

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