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April 20 2014

WonderCon '14 panel "Strong Women And The Creators Who Empower Them". Georges Jeanty discusses what makes Buffy Summers a strong woman character in comics.

I have to admit I'm getting a little tired of these how/why/what are making strong female characters in comics/movies/television shows? Um, to paraphrase someone, not quire sure who, "because people keep asking that question." Can we now get back to the job of writing multifaceted characters of various shapes, genders, skin shades etc., and by the did anyone else notice just how fabulously Black Widow kicked ass in Captain America II?
Sure. When she isn't the exception rather than the rule. Until then, these panels are important.
I enjoyed reading the article, and Georges Jeanty's comments regarding his work on Buffy in particular. His work has always been exemplary, but he really has knocked it out of the park on BtVS seasons 8 and 9, and the current Serenity book as well.

The other creators are all very good, as well. I've followed Gail Simone and Rick Burchett's work for a long time, and I loved Kelly Sue DeConnick's first run on Captain Marvel (I'm sure her current work on the book is just as good; I just haven't been able to pick it up). Her dialogue has a very Whedon-esque flair to it, I think. As for Cliff Chiang, his recent work on Wonder Woman has been fantastic.

Thanks for sharing the link!

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