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April 20 2014

In Your Eyes, $5 rental exclusively on Vimeo. Read more about it in these LA Times and Gigoam articles. And watch Joss' announcement as well.

Just rented it. I'll watch after tonight's Cosmos.
LA Times article on it that should be linked:,0,3026469.story
Renting this tomorrow when I get off work. Too late to watch it right now.
What a great surprise. Rented and off to watch.
You should probably note in the head line that theres a poster and trailer on the Vimeo page.

ETA: Never mind. I see thats not a trailer but the first 3 minutes.

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So will rent it right after work! Trailer was interesting.
It appears to me that the $5 gives you access to the movie for 72 hours, not that it will only be available to rent for the next 72 hours. I don't see on Vimeo or the article that it's a limited offering.
Yeah the email that went out is confusingly worded.
I am waiting for some reviews/reactions to this with bated breath since I have far too much homework to accomplish before watching it myself. Has anyone viewed it all the way through yet?
So far, finding all the buffering extremely frustrating. Can't get past minute 4.
19 minutes in, I'm so into it, but the thing just keeps freezing on me! Ughhh! Damn you my local Internet provider! Damn you!
Oh My Goddess.
Supremely sad, fabulously funny, terrifyingly tender.
Subtle and silly and scary and sexy and smart in the right amounts and in all the right ways.
How could anyone not want someone to touch them so deeply,
To be with them so completely, and know them in a way no one ever will?

Thank You,
Joss, Kai, Brin, Zoe, Michael and all.
My heart hurts in such a good way. (How do you do that?)

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Yeah, it kept buffering on my computer, but it turns out Vimeo works with Roku, so I used that instead and it was better.

I really liked it. I'm not good at reviewing things, but I think if you're on this site, it's the sort of thing you'll like. It was funny and touching and interesting.
I'm liking the actors and the chemistry between them.
Can't watch it til tomorrow, but I'm so excited to be able to see a new all - original Joss story!
I think there's a Vimeo app for the 360, so I'm going to see if I can stream it later on today.
Finished. Fully in line with Joss saying more than once something along the lines that the question of human connection is basically what's he's always writing about.
This may be a very smart marketing plan. I'm betting Much Ado cost a lot of money to play in as many theaters as it did. Making this film available online for fairly cheap will also hopefully lessen the likelihood of people pirating it.
What a lovely surprise and its not region restricted! My bank holiday Monday is sorted now.

I'm hoping they will post an SD copy, as well. I've been watching for over an hour and I'm less than 40 minutes in...

But aside from the technical issues, I'm loving, loving the movie.

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Just finished the film and thought it was really great. I wasn't all that into the first three minutes released the other day, so I was really pleasantly surprised by the rest of the film. The chemistry between Dylan and Rebecca is really wonderful - and all of it practically over a phone conversation. Very impressive work.

My primary gripe is that I wish there was an option to buy a digital download. I'd like to keep this in my collection permanently - not as a 72 hour rental.

My secondary gripe is that a new Joss movie was released 1 am local time, on a work night. I'm going to fall asleep at my desk tomorrow.
Just finished watching the movie; it is excellent. I can't wait to see it properly, on DVD or iTunes.

Huge congrats to everyone involved with this movie: amazing job. Brin, Kai, Joss, Mr Roiff, Zoe and Michael Stahl-David. Brin Hill should be directing everything. Moving, tender, absolutely lovely. I'm totally in love with the two leads. The chemistry between them was incredible, especially considering the specifics of the story.

If I had to nitpick, the shaky camerawork distracted me in two or three places, but it may be just me.

As far as the buffering problem, this was by far my most frustrating experience trying to watch a movie, with the distant second coming watching Spider-Man 3 in a sold out cinema with 85% of the audience being schoolchildren.

I hope there was no post-credit scene because I couldn't take stop-starts anymore.
Anyone know how long it will be available to rent? Thx.
I wonder if this rental will replace theatre distribution, and then a full, proper digital release is a month or two down the line.
I really enjoyed watching it - nicely paced, interesting characters and wonderful acting!

And the Vimeo thing actually worked for me! It's the only digital release of a film I've wanted to see that actually worked fairly seamlessly for me (buffering aside). And so pleased that there were no region restrictions, so I could watch it in Australia without much hassle.
That was just lovely and heartfelt. I watched through the Apple TV and didn't have any buffering issues.
You lucky people. Enjoy!
For those who want to know more about the Vimeo connection, check out the Gigoam link on the entry. Brin Hill says there's no plans for theatrical distribution. I've given up trying to figure how to watch the video on my 360 and will just watch it on the computer instead. Or run an HDMI cable from a laptop to the telly.
I have a technical question. When you normally watch a vimeo video you can pause it at the beginning and leave it while it downloads the whole video, so you can then watch it with no buffering. So is it the same with the film? My internet isn't that great so I want to avoid buffering.
>> I hope there was no post-credit scene
>> because I couldn't take stop-starts anymore.

Only the reveal that Rebecca was actually Loki.
But I think everyone saw that coming.

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Well, I was wondering what I'd be watching tonight...
So I ended up calling out from work and decided to rent the movie.(I didn't call out because of the movie. Thats another story) I enjoyed it. Do we need to use spoiler tags in this thread?

If HD is loading too slow you can click on the HD button and switch the video to standard definition guys. When the vid would start to buffer(only happened 3 times) I'd switch to SD and back to HD to get the movie playing without buffer time.
Toivo, the Vimeo video worked as you described for me. I was able to wait for it to buffer fully before watching and had no issues.
Thanks JenskiJen, that's good to know! I suggest anyone worried about buffering lets the video load up for a while before you start watching.
Do we need to use spoiler tags in this thread?

Yes, there will be a discussion thread for the movie later on.
Interesting that they haven't bothered with putting out a trailer for the film so far.
Apparently the worldwide release was announced by Joss in a recorded video (according to EW here - Is this video online anywhere?
Yes. It's linked to in the entry.
What Vimeo calls a trailer surely isn't the trailer? Is it a kids movie or is that just the backstory for a movie about them as adults? The 3 min clip doesn't really set up a premise.

I'll prolly watch it coz it's Joss and all that, but the clip doesn't sell it at all and they shouldn't call it a trailer.
I've never rented a movie online before. How does it work if you want to use a UK card? Would I be charged some sort of extra bank fee on top of the dollar equivalent in pounds?
The 3 minute clip is the first 3 minutes of the movie.
Shep, I'm afraid it will probably charge a fee. Possibly 1.50 or something like that.
It looks like this will work on a Roku? Has anyone else tried that yet?
Shep, you can pay via PayPal and skip any bank fees. Also means cheap due to exchange rate, and no need to give CC details to 3rd party.
So I tweeted Vimeo about availability on Roku and here's the response that I got.
(I also asked how long it'll be up due to stuff)

"@VimeoStaff: @hann23 We are on Roku, however viewers are unable to buy/rent Vimeo on Demand videos. "In Your Eyes' rental period is up to Mr. Whedon!"

There is a way though that folks have accessed internet via Roku so maybe that way? The process is complicated. But folks have figured out how to watch YouTube videos via older Rokus.

Has anyone successfully watched on a first or second gen Roku?

I'll probably just watch on my iPad, but I too would rather watch on my giant HDTV.

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You rent the film on the Vimeo website, it will be in your Watch Later folder in the Vimeo channel on Roku. That's how I watched it last night. You just can't do the rental transaction on the Roku.

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I never have this much problem watching steams - it just stops and not for a second! UGH.
Thx @onetrueb!x.
I'll watch it when I can easily pay for it and easily stream it on my TV. Will pay double to not have to mess with the obstacle course.
It just stopped, no credits, is this happen just to me?

Great movie!
There are credits.
@Sunfire I was able to stream it on my Roku player. I rented the movie on my computer and it was automatically added to my "To Watch" list on the Roku channel. No kinks. It streamed perfectly.
Thanks all. Cool, will try it on the Roku tonight. The renting step on my computer was easy.
I rented via on my computer, then watched on my TV via Xbox One (go to Internet Explorer -> Vimeo and sign in).

The movie is fab. Also, Zoe Kazan blew me away. It wasn't tears in my eye so much as Zoe's performance. As spotted in credits - Joss wrote one of the songs.
Kazan is definitely the take-away. I've already added her Ruby Sparks to my Amazon watchlist.
Yeah. Don't get me wrong, Michael Stahl-David brought it and they had great chemistry - but she carried me into that story in a way I hadn't expected.
I think that his Dylan had a bit more detachment from the situation, was able to experience it yet keep it at partial arm's length, while her Rebecca was more completely washed over by it.

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@eddy It just stopped at 1:45, at was that the end?
@eddy, clicking on the HD button to switch the definition was the first thing I did, but the player kept displaying HD and resetting the video to the start.

Edit: Nevermind. I've finally figured out what I've been doing wrong. Feeling silly. Apparently, that's what technology is for.

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I was having so much trouble with buffering, until I just gave up and watched it in SD. That worked like a charm, not even a hiccup through the whole movie.

After seeing Ruby Sparks, and then seeing Zoe Kazan in this film, I'm convinced she's just magical. :P
Looking forward to watching this.

However, outside of our little Whedonesque family here, are many people going to be interested in renting this?

No stars, no easy story to sell, and no one selling it! I hate to be the voice of cynicism but I'm just wondering how this will get a larger audience outside of us lot.
Wow, I really was expecting . During the credits, I could almost .
I loved the movie. Just as I was stressing about when I'll get to see the movie here in Turkey, I saw the link to rent it for only 5 bucks. That is amazing!

Had to watch in SD, which sucks but at least I'm excited to see the movie again in HD when it comes out on Blu-Ray.

Zoe Kazan's performance in the climax scene of Ruby Sparks is one of my favorites, ever! Can't remember how many time I've seen that five minutes. This movie was no exception. She is one talented lady.

I've always loved Michael Stahl-David, since I first saw him in Cloverfield. To borrow from the movie, he has a really nice face and he is really charming. It is so easy to get lost in his roles and feel for him. So glad to welcome him to Whedonverse.

Looking forward to the discussion thread so that we can talk about the movie extensively.
What a great movie! I love it! Those of us who write for websites are obligated to publicize this! Off the write a non-spoilery review of it! 👍
And will we be able to buy this on DVD soon?
I streamed it in HD on the telly via a laptop for most of the movie but had to resort to SD for the last ten minutes due to buffering. I enjoyed the movie, it's very unJossy so that was interesting. Anyhow there's a discussion thread on the front page.
The amazing take away for me is that nearing 24 hours after release worldwide, there's no torrent or otherwise pirate streaming of the movie. Everybody watching is paying. Hollywood will tell you that doesn't happen.
As others said, an easy way to overcome it (at least on a desktop computer) is to just pause it at the beginning and wait for it to buffer - it should buffer all the way to the end (unless Vimeo drops your connection entirely). Did for me.

@gossi - not sure if any discussion of the opposite is even allowed (please delete, Simon or someone, if it is). But unfortunately, the amazing take away isn't quite true - although at least, yeah, it doesn't seem it's on any public sites for now.

Only watched the first 25 minutes so far, but was sold after 20. Back to watching.
Vimeo doesn't like me, it wouldn't load the video when paused. It just played a minute or 2 and then stopped dead. It made Channel 4OD look like the model of a perfect streaming service. :) I'll try again tomorrow.
eddy, I just finished the film. Had been trying to watch the film since this morning on Vimeo and saw your post. Switched to HD (out of? whatever, it worked) and blammo, success. You're a lifesaver, that is all. :=)

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On my second time watching, Vimeo crapped out on me, and wouldn't let me resume from where it left off (the beginning of Act 3).
It won't load for me. It gets stuck "retrieving" about 1/3 in and won't ever finish. And it takes 15+ minutes to load that much.
Yeah, it's taking forever to load for me, as well. I gave it 40 minutes and it's still stopping in the first 3 minutes (which I have already seen). I was looking forward to watching tonight, but with the buffering issues I'll have to wait till tomorrow. :-(
If you get stuck in buffering, hit HD button (to swap to Standard Definition instead).
There's no option for that on the Roku. It just never loads.
I think we broke Vimeo.
This is the last time I'll pay to stream something. For the love of Odin, just give us a download.
I do wonder why they didn't go the iTunes route. It would be so much less headache on the user side of things.
Another headache (plus a literal one). I got halfway through (via my blu-ray), went to hit "pause," but instead hit "stop." It does not resume where it left off. Instead, I have to start it all over again, and can't advance the video at all. So I am on the first half a third time, but I have only seen the last third of the movie once.

Must go get something for this headache...
I've given up. If I can be bothered, I'll ask for a refund.
It sounds like this is a sweet and magical movie that I will watch Some Other Time.

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