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April 21 2014

(SPOILER) Film School Rejects review In Your Eyes. It seems not everyone is a fan.

Yet somehow, this review makes one appreciate a good writer. (To the point of the review, sometimes people ARE banal and unoriginal. The big danger of watching 'a Joss Whedon joint' is losing a differentation between a bad decision and a conscious portrayal of a bad decision. He's very slick, that one, and he establishes one narative line while pointing out where and when other characters fall off of it for their own characterization.)

I hope we're not subjected to 'street cred from The Avengers' anymore.

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One lukewarm review:
I'm always aching to see the movies critics make.

Actually, not.

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The more I hear, the less interested I am in this. Finally watched my copy of Black Swan and it just reminded me how little I like metaphysical movies.
I really enjoyed it, but found it very lightweight for a Whedon project. I suppose the term "metaphysical" technically applies, but I wouldn't use it to describe the work. Their strange sensory connection is just accepted and never really questioned or explored (as a concept), which is a choice I'm happy with, but which pulls it away from metaphysics for me.
>> I'm always aching to see the movies critics make.

"Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens" (1979)
by Roger Ebert

Most Definitely, NOT ! ! !
Some people really didn't like the movie:
Flickfilosopher's Maryann Johanson likes it a lot:

Edit: Adding Geek Tyrant review (also very positive):

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Hollywood Reporter's Tribeca Review is positive (Better not read if you haven't seen the film yet; a lot of plot included & spoilers).

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