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April 23 2014

(SPOILER) Promo for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x20 "Nothing Personal". Cobie Smulders returns as Maria Hill.

The name of this title scares me. Sounds like something Ward might say before killing a member of the team.
Hmm. Skye and Ward are attacked in a cafe; Skye escapes. One assumes that Ward won't give up his cover yet (or at least, he won't give it up without the promo hinting it), so I'm pessimistic that he admits everything. I would guess that Ward is taken in by the CIA/FBI/whatever, and helps Skye escape. However, I doubt Skye can escape Deathlok, unless Deathlok has a moment of mercy that allows Skye to escape. So under pure assumption, that would put Ward with the US government and Skye with HYDRA coming into the penultimate episode.

Interesting lack of May in the promo.

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