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April 23 2014

Robert Downey Jr tweets his first picture from the set of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Robert Downey Jr. poses with EP Jeremy Latcham on the set of The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Mark Ruffalo has added several set pics to his instagram account.

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And Mark Ruffalo has tweeted the greatest photo yet

And a really cool one of Scarlett
Mark Ruffalo also posted pics of Science Bros and an-almost-pic of the Black Widow.

ps. Mark is the most adorable teasing @marvel while trying to saving the planet. Ah. These people. *perches chin on raised fists and sighs*

@banner beat me!

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Hitfix has a round up of these pics which I will add to the main post.
LOL at all the Pinkie & the Brain comments! come RDJ gets the short chair? Is that anything like drawing the short straw? Oooh - does that mean he dies first!??

Anyone else think ScarJo looks like a boxer in that shot?
I'm excited all over again. I'm hoping we'll get more of those over the next few months, RDJ and Mark Ruffalo are the best at twitter.

And they're definitely in my city, which makes my heart go weak a little bit.
ShadowQuest, I was just showing this to my daughter and saying "I wonder if Joss is going to reintroduce the newly unemployed BW in a professional fighting sequence of some sort."
ShadowQuest, I assume he gets the little chair because he's a little guy.

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