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April 23 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #2. Fetch your copy. Share your thinky-thoughts.

It was a great issue. I especially love how Gage handles the pacing, he has lots of characters to juggle with and still he manages to give everyone their moment to 'shine' - which is in a way quite new after the shaky ninth season.

I'm glad that Giles and Buffy raise interesting questions regarding the Vampyr book that seems to write itself depending of what Buffy sees - you know, in a pokedexy way, I just hope it's not the basic answer, would be disappointing.

I won't mention the art again, because everybody loves Isaacs.
I also thought it was a great issue. Seems like Illyria may not be as dead as we thought, and that apparition is really Anya. I'm so happy that the Scooby gang and Faith are 5x5, it almost feels like the dynamics before Finch was killed, just with less jealousy and hostility. I really have no negatives, this feels like a classic episode of Buffy, just facing new/different problems.
Great issue. I had to re-read Love vs. Life to understand everything. It seems that was not a side-story, but quite essential reading after all.
I have my copy of Buffy # 2,"New Rules Part II."

I'm going to keep this short but another very strong issue from Gage and Isaacs.They are really firing on all cylinders.

I loved all the Giles moments in the issue and his interaction with everyone both new characters from season 9 and the Scoobies.

The mystery of the new rules with the Vampyr book and the new vampires is intriguing

Really happy with the way buffy and Faith parted in this issue and hope we'll some more crossover later in the season.

I do wonder if we'll be seeing the new season 9 characters again given this issue almost felt like a curtain call for them.Koh does seem to indicate Illyria is not gone though.

On the Xander/Dawn front .Yes much awkwardness.I do wonder if Xander is making things worse just by his worry.A reunion with Dracula probably isn't going to help.Remember how Drac treated Renée in season 8?

I'm still not sure how I feel on the Anya plot.This issue gives more weight to the idea Anya somehow is haunting Xander and it's not just in his mind.Again,more dead characters returning I'm not thrilled about about but we'll see where this goes.

Another great issue.
That was the best Buffy issue I've ever read?

I took so long on each panel. The art was impeccable, and it balanced everything so well. Giles has a real voice again. Anya is fantastic. Everyone just... looked right together! Gosh. Awesome stuff. Big hopes for season 10 now. Even little things were good, like, I loved Buffy's reaction to Dowling!

Best thing of all? So. Much. Potential. No pressure, Gage. :)
I concur with the raves above. A rock-solid episode of BtVS! Spot-on plotting, character interactions and voices from Gage, and Isaacs' usual gorgeous art. What a creative team Dark Horse has found. With this and meeting Nicholas Brendan at Awesome Con on Saturday—a hug from Xander!—I am just aglow with Buffy goodness this week. Can't wait for the next issue.
I really appreciate how each issue feels like a substantial read. A few times in BtVS last season, I felt like the issues were slightly insubstantial, but this issue and last have really packed story in.

I will say I'm not that keen on Drac coming back unless they have found a new take on the Xander/Drac dynamic. Although it's been years in our time, I'm not sure it's been long enough in 'story time' to feel special.
That was a wonderful issue ! I spent so much time on each page that I read it in almost 40 minutes as if it was a "real" episode (I mean, a TV episode). I really heard each character for once, especially Anya. It's so good to see her back like that !
All the storyline around "New rules" really hit me. In the first issue I wasn't that convinced about it but now I have to say it can lead to really great stories. Am I the only one hoping for Amy to come back in the mix ?

Also Illyria ! Man, that took me by surprise ! Hope we will see her again now. Basically, there are so many characters in the Buffyverse now that I kinda hope for new mini-series. Willow/Spike were great last year, but I wouldn't be bother by more Billy or Koh (then again, they aren't enough famous to have their own issues).

Seeing Buffy's reaction about Dowling was something I didn't expect anymore but it was a great way to correct one of the main flaw of last year (I think). They introduced all those characters that just disappeared during the season (that includes Billy & Anaheed for all we know if we didn't buy their story) and it was really not cool. I really hope that wasn't a curtain call for all of them, and I don't feel like it. I think we'll them again in future issues when things will start to go out of control.

I know have higher expectations than ever about this season, and about A&F. They could bring some of the Buffy characters in A&F (I'm looking at Koh...) and even if they don't, we should see more of Kennedy and of the slayers. And I still have hope about seeing Gunn again.

They have so many stories to tell. I just can't wait to read them !
Not having seen it yet, I wonder if this reappearing Illyria will be the TV/After the Fall version or the "Freddish" one from last "Season."
It will probably be the "Freddish" one although basically it's the same one (and definitely the best character from Angel). But no one knows and - since you apparently don't mind spoilers - there is no "reappearing Illyria" right now, we just know she may not be as dead as we thought. ;)
I think the demon "traitor" who imprisoned Koh has to be either Illyria or D'Hoffryn. The known facts:

1. The demon was powerful enough to construct a magical prison with a small army of demon warrior guards;
2. He/she was still in our world as of season 9 (according to Wolfram & Hart);
3. He/she is someone Wolfram & Hart particularly dislike, which would match up with Illyria's involvement with Angel & Co. in season 5.
4. He/she is somebody we the audience are familiar with, since the mystery would be pretty pointless otherwise.

Illyria and D'Hoffryn are the only plausible candidates I can think of.
I loved this second installment. It had a nice mix of action and storytelling. I loved that the Scoobs figured out their next steps without Giles but kind of sort of because of him. His temper tantrum was perfect.

I am so curious about the new rules and I want Spike and Angel to partake. Why aren't they? I hope this is explained.

The only problem that I have with the art is that I have trouble identifying Andrew. For a few moments, I thought he was Dowling but then remembered that he shows up at his apartment. Otherwise, the art was great too, in particular, the shape shifting.

I hope we also learn more details about Willow's struggles with the new magic. I want details! I crave details.

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Andrew is always going to be a hard one, I think. He should dye his hair red or something to stand out from the crowd a little more. With both Dowling and Billy gone though, it shouldn't be too much of a problem.
Another very enjoyable issue. Gage writes good "Buffy"!

Some small thoughts -

- The whole "Faith fighting along side Buffy" lasted a hell of a lot shorter than the cover and blurbs suggested. I thought she was going to be hanging around for a few issues, and I had wondered how that was going to affect her storyline in A&F. While I liked the alternate POV of the Buffy/Giles reunion, I wasn't sure I wanted too much of that in both books. So I am glad to see that her story will only be in A&F now. Much tidier.

- I am with those that thought the reunion with Giles was too matter of fact. It seemed a bit "Oh great that your back from the dead as a 12 year old Giles, there is nothing hugely unusual about that, is there?" I know these guys have experienced all sorts of weird sh*t over the years, but I would think I would have a bigger reaction than that if my dead older friend suddenly was resurrected as his 12 year old self. From Christos' answer in the Q&A I am guessing that we will get more in depth thoughts from Buffy when she has processed it.

- To follow on with his appearance in A&F 1, it's good to see that Koh will be crossing over to the title. Whether it's full time or not we shall see, but I am very much hoping that it will be linked later in the season to a resurrected Illyria
. Angel is very much on his own now. Would be good to have a new Fang Gang for him.
Really couldn't be happier with the whole feel of the Buffy title. Great to have the team back together - on and behind the page. Gage and Isaacs are knocking it out of the park yet again.

So we saw the Buffy/Giles reunion in Buffy #1, then Faith's perspective/hurt in A&F #1 and now she does get some love prior to leaving in Buffy #2, so... wonder if the damage was already done or if that connected with her at all. Guess we'll find out in A&F #2.
@hann23-I think the new rules only apply to new vamps.
I did enjoy this. I really liked the Dowling scene because I really want someone to knock Buffy out of her habit of blaming herself for everything. Dowling did that rather nicely, although I'm not sure it worked. Nothing with Riley was her fault. I hate that she blames herself for everything. Even Twilight, broken seed, Giles' death all that wasn't really her fault. Certainly not as much as it was Angel's, and no one seems to be holding it against him, not even Buffy.

I like little Giles, I didn't like his tantrum because it was generally untrue. Even when Buffy was a teenager she made most of the decisions and did the planning. Giles did the research but Buffy was the boss. One of the things that made her so awesome.

I thought the Spike characterization was good, happy to see him have some kind of relationship with Dawn, and I liked that he did genuinely care about Dowling.

I really enjoyed the Xander/Anya conversation. I believe it's really her ghost. I hope it is.

The art was mostly great. Xander, Buffy, Faith, Dawn and even Kennedy were instantly recognizable to me. Andrew did look a bit Riley-ish. However there was something off about the art on Spike. Not quite sure what it was but I definitely have seen better comic book Spike art. But I am assuming it will get better

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