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April 23 2014

James Marsters has a new Kickstarter. He stars in a feature fantasy film called 'Dragon Warriors'.

Looks dumb but entertaining -- enough so that I would watch for James, at least.
I'm curious if the scenes shown in the trailer were the final product, to sell the CGI work - or if they'll get a lot better with the money.
Hmm. I'm not backing anymore actors until this one delivers.

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I'm still waiting to hear what happened to the Veronica Mars movie. The last thing I heard it had been finished, released, reviewed, and disappeared into another dimension. Presumably it was shown somewhere but not in the state of Connecticut.
Good lord, 2011? (The Tom Lenk one.) I hope they've at least been communicating with backers.

I don't know how long the theatrical release of Veronica Mars lasted, but I got my T-shirt & digital download, and there were lots of emails from the director with updates on timing, etc. Lots of people complained about something as "established" as VM using Kickstarter, but at least I got what I paid for.
I sadly wasn't able to back Veronica Mars (really unfortunate timing on that), but here in Southern California it was shown for at least 2 weeks. I heard it did comparatively well in it's first weekend, but quickly dropped off afterwards.
The Veronica Mars movie was never meant to have a wide theatrical release. The big theater chains all have a rule stating they will not show a movie if it is being released for home viewing within 90 days of the theatrical release. AMC Theatres is apparently the only major theater chain which does not apply this rule to screen rentals, so Warner Brothers was able to rent out their screens to show the movie.

For people who want to follow how well a project is doing on Kickstarter, this is a useful site: I would take the "trending to" and "projections" with a grain of salt. Normally it seems like projects get a lot of money during the beginning and end of the the funding window.

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