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March 16 2004

Pics of the SavingAngel Billboard truck on the streets of L.A. at

When you go in to the gallery, be sure to click on the images to get a larger picture.

I am not sure if you have to register, (I'm a member) but if you do, it's easy. Just go to

ETA: The truck will run for two weeks.

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Great pictures! They got the truck in front of all the right places, Hollywood & Highland, The Kodak, The El Capitan, ... and Baja Fresh!
twiggy I've re-arranged your subject line to fit in with our RSS feed. Nice pics btw :). Hope someone takes notice.
great pics!! thank you for posting that.
I can just imagine some fans cheering and honking their horns when they passed by that truck. :D
great pics...thanks twiggy!
Sweet idea. Great job to whomever arranged that.

(a tad offtopic but I just saw the Whedonesque affiliate logo/slogan for SavingAngel - LOL! "Rogue Weblog" I like :)

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awesome billboard. even if it doesnt help, it makes a classy impression
These pics are great. Right on, SavingAngel!
Does it depress anyone else that someone like David might be rooting for our campaign to fail? Sorry, hate to be a downer, just stuff like that sticks with me....

Anyway, I think the truck looks amazing. I hope at least some people will see it and be inspired to act.
Well I can't speak for David's state of mind right now but I'm hoping some WB execs see it and think "they haven't gone away, you know. Angel fans will never forgive us".
I think WB execs know fans are fickle. I think they know they can ride this out. Because I am pi$$ed at the WB, but I still watch Gilmore Girls. And I hate to admit it, but if Dark Shadows is decent, I might watch that too. The network folks know this. They know we will be mad for a while, but we'll come around if we like their shows. They've cancelled popular shows before and I know they will again.

I just wish we actually had more influence on them than we actually do.
Some fans are fickle; not all of them are. Personally, I won't be watching the WB after 'Angel' goes off. Period. I don't care how good 'Dark Shadows' is. I don't care that I'll be missing the 'Gilmore Girls' from now on. Because of how screwed over I feel about all this, and how unfairly/ungraciously ME shows have been treated on the WB (especially leading up to the end of BtVS S5, and AtS almost since its inception), it's that cut and dried. You either commit to watching their network, or you don't. If every 'Angel' fan didn't watch them anymore, period, we *would* be able to have more influence.

Not that I'm judging anyone who chooses to continue to watch shows on the WB. I'm just saying that if all 'Angel' fans *could* hold to the promise of not watching the WB after 'Angel' goes off the air, it *would* be significant, and it very likely *would* make a difference. Their numbers would drop across the board. Advertising would suffer. Ratings would plummet. Heads would roll. Change would happen because it all comes down to who's watching and what you can sell them, and then ultimately to dollars and cents.

But people who are willing to commit to cutting the WB off entirely are outnumbered by those who aren't. That's showbiz, I guess. Or human nature. I'll feel better that I'm not watching, whether it makes a measurable difference or not. People who waffle are what they're depending on, and I refuse to be lumped into that predictable group who will perform according to their expectations. I defy their marketing logic. I defy their bean-counting, expensive suit-wearing cadres of shallow, vapid corporate minionhood.

I'm leaving with 'Angel', and right now I can't imagine anything (save for movies with Angel) making me forget the sting of being used and discarded enough that I would go back.

(Edited to add that in ranting, I forgot to mention how nice the billboard looks. It shows that AtS fans aren't just talk and no action; it supports the series in a visible way, and demonstrates good cooperative effort by hundreds of fans from around the world. No matter what happens with the BtVS/Angelverse from this point on, its fans should be proud. We fought for what we loved 'til the end, and then some.)

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Hi, Sparklies owner here - a direct link to the galleries if you don't want to register for the board:

Billboard Truck Piccies

And yeah, I'm jazzed about the billboard. Our folks at SavingAngel did a fab job.
Yeah this is great. Whatever happens (and I've been pretty much sure it's over for a while) this just shows something ya know?

And yeah the WB thinks this will blow over and then us 'sheep' will be gushing over Dark Shadows. I think if Dark Shadows tanks, along with things like Lost in Space, they'll be scratching their heads and think of Angel's loyal fan base and consistent ratings.

It will be too late to do anyone any good of course, but I relish the visual...
thank you txvoodoo :). Nice to see you posting here again, your first post made an impression on me as you were the first Whedonesque poster to react to Angel's cancellation.

SavingAngel having done a superb job. The fan communities' finest hour.
Wiseblood, I'm with ya. I have no reason whatsoever to watch the WB if Angel doesn't come back. My friends have said the same as well. One specifically told me that she had been interested in seeing Dark Shadows, but that there was no way she was going to watch that "knock-off" since Angel got axed.

It bugs me too, because I do want to see Global Frequency (I wish it was actually Planetary they'd make into a show...), but no way. Besides which, if Global Frequency *is* good, the WB will just cancel it anyway since they don't seem to know a good show when one lands on their lap!
So they have trucks that are designed solely to drive around with ads on them?
Okay, Wiseblood, in theory I agree with you but I was as pissed off when Firefly was cancelled by Fox and now everyone is saying watch Wonderfalls, which is on Fox. I'm sure everyone boycotted Fox, or wanted to boycott Fox when that happened, and frankly I haven't watched anything on Fox until Wonderfalls aired. And what if Joss Whedon does a spinoff and it's on the WB, do we still boycott or is it now okay and if it's okay because it's Joss, then it should be okay to watch Wonderfalls because it's Tim Minear, and if any of the Buffy and Angel writers get jobs it would be okay to watch them.

So, in theory, if I boycott every network that pisses me off, I can't watch Fox because of Firefly, I can't watch the WB because of Angel, I can't watch ABC because they short changed Miracles and SciFi got rid of Farscape. And if the WB had cancelled a show I liked before Buffy came on board I might've missed the best show ever, and then of course I would've missed Angel and Firefly because I never would've heard of Joss Whedon (of course this last thing never would've happened because who heard of the WB before Buffy made it a household network).

Anyway, I had felt just as you do until others on this board pointed out to me that by deliberately skipping shows that could be quality shows because of Angel being cancelled will only fuel the "let's fill the networks with crap TV" movement because if we all stop watching the good shows in protest of good shows being cancelled, that's all we'll have left to watch.

Of course after stating all that, I honestly will not be able to bring myself to watch Dark Shadows just because it was the show that obviously was made to take Angel's place and that is an obvious slap in the face to me that they now think we'll all just wipe away our tears and tune in to Dark Shadows. But that's just me and if others feel it looks interesting and they want to check it out they should.

And Cubiclesatan, honestly, if that show interests you, you should watch it.

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Oh yeah, they're mobile billboards. See them here in Chicago all the time.
I was just on the WB website Angel episode page and where you click on the episodes they had this message when you clicked on "Angel will return..."

"wednesday | 9/8c

Angel will be taking a short break, but will be returning April 14 with 6 all-new episodes through the end of the season!"

Is it just wishful thinking on my part that it doesn't say anything about the series finale being the last of the six episodes?
Thanks for the link. Very cool billboard.

There may not be a real chance of renewal from the WB, but it'd certainly raise awareness of AtS.
That's awesome.
That's is so so cool.

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