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April 25 2014

20 movie-based TV shows from best to worst. This worst to best list features a Terminator and a Slayer. Will the Chosen One be number one?

Loved that tribute trailer they put on there. I feel a bit teary now!
I love that it got the same ranking ("success rate: 10) as MASH. Both far exceeded the movies they came from.
Interestingly not The Clone Wars.
No Stargate?
Tough call between the top 2. I think Buffy got bonus points for how much it was improved upon the original movie.

I was surprised that Hannibal wasn't on the list. Possibly it was adapted more from the novel rather than Manhunter/Red Dragon.
Stargate is on the list, goodtime.
I too expected to see Hannibal on the list garyyager. I thought MASH probably should have gone #1 just because of its classic status, but the Whedonite in me is happy to see Buffy as #1.
Some thoughts:

1. I think BOTH Nikita shows should be on there, as the CW reboot was quite excellent in its own right (and featured at least one cameo from a La Femme Nikita actress)

2. Will Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. some day end up on a list like this?

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