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April 25 2014

Fran Kranz on Agents of SHIELD? - "We've talked about it". This and more can be found in Fran's enjoyable AMA from yesterday.

Oh, jeez. Yes, please!
Ha. Yes please. I would love to see him nerdfight with Fitz.
That would be so much fun! He and Enver (who I hope gets cast as a recurring character in AoS) were my favorite actors on Dollhouse.
Bring it on.
More whedonverse alum, more! I loved Fran Kranz in both Cabin in the Woods and Dollhouse. He'd be a great addition as a guest star (or better yet, a recurring character).

By the way, this is my first post. Hi all!
More Kranz on my TV. Yes.
Oh yes please, hopefully AoS will last for many seasons and all the Whedonverse alum can come and play.
Mother of God.

Please. Please. Please.
Enver's already a NYPD cop in the MCU, who only died in the 'Avengers' deleted scenes, Nebula1400. So... he could show up, sure.
Sunfire That would be ultimate. Fran could be some kind of crazy recluse that Fitz has to question for very important information. Maybe even someone from the Academy? Like...a former classmate who was investigating a 0-8-4, which drove him crazy, but he still has bouts of lucidity. Kind of like Topher near the end.

And if Enver and his fantastic impressions would show up...

Actually, throw in Miracle as a May protege, and I'd die happy.

ETA: Anyone know how I can see this week's episode? ABC wants me to verify my provider, which is total bunk - I've never had to do that before to watch an episode. And none of the other episodes are like that. (I don't have a provider - I have broadcast.)

[ edited by ShadowQuest on 2014-04-25 21:11 ]
Is $1.99 SD on iTunes an option for you, ShadowQuest? It's the best option for me, but I understand may be geographically restricted.
Thanks, jclemens, but I don't have an iTunes account, nor a credit card.

I just don't understand why that episode is restricted; I've watched episodes on ABC's site before with no problem, and none of the other episodes of this season require verification. I had to work Tuesday and have no means of recording episodes (Thank goodness my new job doesn't have late hours!) so watching it online is my only option.

I'll have to see if Hulu has it. Otherwise...I guess I miss an important episode because ABC thinks everyone in the world has cable or a different provider.

ETA: Nope - have to sign up for Hulu Plus. WTH!???

[ edited by ShadowQuest on 2014-04-25 21:51 ]
ShadowQuest: for some inexplicable reason ABC suddenly went to an 8-day streaming delay unless you're authenticated, starting with, I think, this last episode. I have no idea why.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned that Fran has been appearing on Dallas. He plays the grandson of one of J.R. Ewing's old business rivals, and has recently teamed up with J.R.'s son John Ross.
The One True b!X mean I can't watch last week's episode until next week? That's beyond dumb. I'll have to watch it in the morning before I go to work.

At least I'll get to see next week's episode live - I start my new job Tuesday afternoon, and will be home by then. (Unless I have to learn how to close the store & that takes a half-hour.)
Fran has great taste! He loves Wagner.
Welcome, chromatose! 😸 It's always great to have new blood here, because the vamps do get tired of our rancid old blood.
Hello, chromatose!
Yes please on Fran! I don't want Shield filling up with all the Dollhouse people though. The first 20 minutes of Lust For Love made me realize that's not a sure fire win, sadly.
Fran Kranz is awesome, I wish they could make him part of the team. Just don't know what role he would play that isn't already filled by someone.

I would love to see him in a role where he gets to flip the switch from something we are all used to seeing him play to something we don't expect, AND make us all buy it.

For instance, maybe he could play an agent who is ostensibly just a space-brained-nerd-stoner that no-one takes too seriously but is really a stone-cold killer. Like a world-class assassin, sniper, or demolitions specialist.

Whedon shows us 90 pound women who are secretly bad asses all the time. Isn't there room for ONE dorkish, non-perfect male specimen to be a total bad-ass as well? ...

I want a Nerd-Ninja damnit! And I want that Nerd-Ninja to be Fran Kranz.

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