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April 25 2014

Marvel Chief Kevin Feige talks Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Kevin Feige discusses theories on whats coming up in The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Kevin should run for office, he's gotten quite good at the non-answer answer. But I'm fine with that, I don't need any more spoilers out there in the universe than the rest of the internet will gleefully provide.
He very non-specificaly said that The Hulkbuster is not materializing anytime soon. I like Mr Feige, but a lot of these quotes should probably be collected and marinated, as it were...
As you can see, the CBM Nation can't wait to see Hulkbuster armor even though USERNAME="JossWeedOnMe" states, "Hulkbuster will not be in AOU that you can guarantee."

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WE saw the Hulkbuster hand prop during the Africa shooting. He is in there.
THAT'S newsworthy...why don't YOU have an artiicle about it?
It was shown in the concept art for the movie during the Marvel special that aired on ABC as well.
Before we start circling too badly-consider his comment: "...little tease...the specifics around it we don't have to do for awhile." NOT "DIDN'T HAVE TO" As of the air date of the Show (Speaking in past tense)-but "don't" (present tense.) Now we know they'll be animating The Hulk until 2 mos before the show opens-but they are sketching his details now. THAT'S what led me to say that seeing a handprop is more newsworthy than the President of the company talking about a concept piece. (That special was about the MCU Entire-and they are planning a return to a solo green goliath tale.)

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