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April 25 2014

(SPOILER) Marvel releases official synopsis for Agents of SHIELD's first season finale. It's called "Beginning of the End", airs on May 13.

Flashback scene for one of those guest stars? Unless...
WHAAAAT? Oh, how gruesome it is to be behind on the episodes.
I agree Simon. That guest star list is telling - but what it's telling?
imdb had Amy Acker in the season finale and I had my hopes up. Guess not.
Patton Oswalt ... is back. Huh.
More Agent Lanyard? Yes please.
His twin brother?
Am I the only one pleased to see Kaminsky back for this? #KaminskyLives
My favorite character will obviously be "employee".
Ahhhhhh, I so hope my LMD idea turns out to be true.

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