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April 26 2014

Trailer for 'In Your Eyes'. If you missed the news, the movie is now available for rent at Vimeo.

Do those of use with lousy internet connections have any hope of ever seeing this come out on dvd? Anybody know ?
Lovely trailer. The more I think about this film, the more I like it.
This captures the charm of the movie.
Goblins and snowmen....leave it to Joss.
I want to see it available on the iTunes store.
Does anyone know what song is playing at the beginning of the trailer? The "giving in to the trouble I'm in" and "you are my favorite medicine" one? I've tried googling it to no avail. Was it an original song for this movie?
@october6: "Trouble I'm In", which the press notes list as Written by Nate Campany and Ben Romans, Performed by Twinbeds.
Scraggles: Is there any chance you can bring a laptop to a place with a decent wifi connection? Or if you have access to a blu-ray player, you may be able to access there, once you register for Vimeo.
Thanks The One True b!X! Wish I could buy an mp3 somewhere, that song has been constantly stuck in my head since watching the movie...
Nebula1400: Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately I'm just in a relatively low-tech, slow-connection-PC-only situation and likely to remain there for the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, I can think of this as an extra incentive to expand my social circle. Maybe I've got a friend on the horizon with all the right gadgets who will want to watch with me, LOL!

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