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April 28 2014

J. August Richards talks about Marvel, Agents of SHIELD and more. This is an exceptionally thorough interview. It's very good about J. August's early days, working on Angel and auditioning for the part of Mike Peterson. Other interviews in a similar vein can be found at HitFix, TVLine and

"What email?" Hylarious! (The internet has no use for conveying actual information.) I had no idea he was from PGC. I'd like to know what year he graduated-never heard of Suitland doing "midsummer." No mention of the EJFSSF either.
You'd have to be a comics maniac to drive from Bladensburg to Silver Spring-even on the weekend. (If you make that journey-best to drive an MRAP.)
This piece makes the events make more sense, "It's an origin story" after all.

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This is a fun piece. Seems weird that they sent him out for a costume fitting before he knew his character would be ongoing.

I didn't know J. August Richards was from this area. Alliance Comics was the shop I would go to when the Buffy comics first came out. They are awesome. They recommended some other great comics to me and had a display dedicated to Joss's comics. I miss them since I've been buying digital comics for a few years now.
Great interview. Love J. August Richards. But where is Prince George?
Prince George's County. It's just outside DC in Maryland.
@Xane - Prince George himself was disinvited from the area later in life.

@Sunfire-Marvel does it their way.

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Give me more Mike Peterson! J. is such an awesome actor. Just rewatch is pre-Deathlok episodes. His chemistry with the cast is fantastic.
What a great interview with a great actor. I hope they keep him around for ever and ever. I love his attitude.
Wonderful interview, though I had to reread a section to understand that in this context, "DMV" apparently means "D.C./Maryland/Virginia." When I first read the sub-headline "Growing Up in the DMV," I thought, "He grew up in the Department of Motor Vehicles? How did *that* happen?"
@Sunfire - no, it happens a lot. The first sign of a job is often the costume department calling to book your fitting. They've beaten my agent quite a few times...
It sounds very stressful!
He sounds like a great guy and he is awesome in this role. I'd probably lose my mind if he actually showed up in Avengers 2.
There's another interview with him at TV Line, too.
I still find the idea of JAR being out of work for 18 months mind boggling.

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