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April 28 2014

(SPOILER) The opening scene from Agents of SHIELD 1x20 "Nothing Personal". Featuring a familiar guest star. If you're outside the United States, you can watch the clip on the Agents of SHIELD Facebook page.

That? Was brilliant.
Pretty awesome. Can't wait.
That was a surprisingly info-dense preview. Loved it.
Unlike on YT, the preview on Aos' Facebook page is not geo-blocked.
Thanks, I've added that info to the entry.
So many who's and what's and how's in one preview. That's class writing. And Maria Hill is so brusque.
Wow--great preview. And it certainly makes me want to watch.
Maria Hill as a regular next season please just for more scenes with her and May - that is a relationship with years of interesting history by the looks of it.
I agree with all the raves above, I can't wait for tonight's episode!

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