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April 29 2014

Check out the trailer for a short film, The Portal, starring Tahmoh Penikett as a lost wizard. It's been screened at the LA Comedy Festival, and it looks like the producers are trying to make it into a web series.

Filmed in Toronto and with Erin Karpluk from being Erica. I like!
So cute. I want to see the whole thing.
Heehee, looks good!
Ooo, looks really good.
FYI, they have a FB page here:
I'd watch it if were a web-series.
At last, Tahmoh gets to be adorkable!
This looks fabulous. I've been hoping for a role like this for Helo Karl Agathon Tahmoh Penikett for a while now. He does brooding and goofy equally well, and I think this will work to his advantage here.
People know that Tahmoh Penikett has a recurring role on "Supernatural" as a villainous angel, right?
While this looks like a fun movie and an as alwys great Tahmoh, the person who screwed together this "trailer" should be fired. Terrible job.

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