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July 07 2002

Biological Warfare and the Buffy Paradigm. (pdf file) The Center For Strategic & International Studies publishes a report which requires its readers to think about the world of biological weapons in terms of the "Buffy Paradigm". [ via MF ]

It might be helpful to also post here a direct link to the MetaFilter comment page referring to this curious article. The conversation that developed from that was mostly silly nonsense about bunnies, but includes some intriguing reaction. Particularly from the prolific fingers of Psionic Tim. In a nutshell, the essay attempts to examine the problems of real modern day life regarding terrorism to the fictitious world of Buffy. How do normal people react to extraordinary circumstances? Americans trying to understand terrorists of the Middle East is similar metaphorically to fictitious humans trying to understand demons and the undead. On the surface it sounds like trying to illustrate the complexities of architecture using nothing but toothpicks and glue, but the essay does manage to make some very intriguing points.

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