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October 09 2002

SMG voted 3rd least annoying celebrity - Marc Blucas voted 11th MOST annoying (81.94%).

other BtVS and AtS actors voted on - least to most annoying
Amber Benson -- 28.30% (10th least annoying)
James Marsters -- 33.36% (99th least annoying)
Amy Acker -- 33.69%
Eliza Dushku -- 33.53%
Elisabeth Rohm -- 34.90%
Nicholas Brendon -- 35.09%
Anthony Stewart Head -- 35.45%
Charisma Carpenter -- 35.51%
Kristine Sutherland -- 36.67%
Emma Caulfield -- 36.75%
Alyson Hannigan -- 37.08%
Julie Benz -- 37.82%
Mercedes McNab -- 39.04%
Michelle Trachtenberg -- 40.05%
Seth Green -- 40.16%
Juliet Landau -- 47.95%
David Boreanaz -- 50.69%
Robia La Morte -- 50.87%

for good measure
Donald Sutherland -- 37.82%
Kristy Swanson -- 42.66%
Luke Perry -- 64.73%

Wow, I would say SMG is MORE annoying than any of the others.
Oh c'mon Roxanne, more annoying that Juliet Landau [as "Dru"]????
Tough call, but yeah.
JL may have a stupid fake accent, but it wasn't even the worst on the show, compared to Boreanez or SMG's 'English Lady' in Halloween.
Plus, SMG annoys the heck outta me!
(As you might of guessed...)
I didn't think Robia La Morte was annoying at all, but I'm wondering how Seth Green is more annoying than Michelle Trachtenberg? An how the heck was Amy Acker voted less annoying than nearly everyone else listed above?

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