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April 29 2014

(SPOILER) Watch the extremely tense promo for Agents of SHIELD 1.21 'Ragtag'. The second last episode of the season will air next week.

Does anyone else think it could be Simmons breaking out the gymnastics style butt-kickery in this promo? We have all been expecting some kind of reveal from her.
Simmons as a secret ninja badass would be great, I agree she has a secret especially after this week's episode. Yeah she isn't Hydra but I'm convinced she is something other than an adorable SHIELD scientist.
I watched the promo frame by frame, it's May doing the ass kicking, even if it's while she's impersonating Simmons with the glasses and the ponytail. But yeah, she's definitely hiding something.
Is Garrett Ward's bigger brother? Or dad? Or uncle or something? I swear there was a flashback in that promo, and then Ward in the present saying "I'm not that scared little kid anymore." Evil or just morally broken, he is one of the best layered characters done in a show Joss has been affiliated with.
It is definitely not Simmons, they showed the stills for this episode and can I just say Coulson and May look so nerdy in those pics (in a cute adorkable way).
The joke I keep seeing on Tumblr is that this is the episode where Coulson and May are cosplaying FitzSimmons. I think it's true, though. They need to be nerds so they borrow their clothes.
I'm getting so scared about these next two episodes! Tumblr is making me paranoid that terrible things will happen, especially with Simmons!

Also: I so want to see May kicking Ward's ass!
I love, Love, LOVE the turnaround that has happened with people's perception of Ward over the season. He's gone from most hated (lame and boring) to Most Hated (evil!) I can only hope that he will stick around to be a recurring villain for next season.

That's a problematic question though: There is no more SHIELD, so how can there really be Agents of it? I'll just have to wait for some clues in the season (not series) finale!
@chrisobrien: "There is no more SHIELD, so how can there really be Agents of it? I'll just have to wait for some clues in the season (not series) finale! "

We may get resolution to this question when we see Fury again in the season finale. Maria Hill said on the phone to Pepper that they were privatizing global security so I think it's possible or even likely that Tony Stark will become Team Coulson's benefactor.
Even if S.H.I.E.L.D. remains defunct for a while, Coulson has made it pretty clear that he considers the word a description of his function, not just the acronym naming his organization. If the team remains a "shield" between the people and the superhuman powers, the name remains apt.
Yeah, I would call that an extremely tense promo.
I can't believe how quickly this show went from somewhat entertaining to must watch.

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Looks like fun!

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