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April 30 2014

(SPOILER) Discuss Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #4. We're now in the second half of Zack Whedon's mini-series.

Mad Scientist Rule #37: If your cyborg killing machine grins evilly, you did it wrong. Emotions are a liability. A tool that is capable of hate is capable of hating you.

And I trust nobody thinks Jubal Early is dead.
It's the button from "Out of Gas"!

And of course Early isn't dead.
Kinda interesting how the Operative seems to come from some sort of order, and his use of a sword isn't just a personal quirk. One has to wonder how that came about.

The thing that makes me sad about these is just how brief each of chunks of story feel; the events barely have time to breathe. It's a crying shame that we didn't get to see this story play out on TV or in a film.
Fantastic series. Really great. I can really hear the character's voices.
My question is, the plan was originally to bring Simon along--"Once we've got a ship we'll come back, pick up River, and the doc."--and then Simon inexplicably doesn't go in the end. I mean, I can imagine reasons he would stay behind, but there's none given?
My question is, the plan was originally to bring Simon along...

I'm not following you, brinderwalt....
Only two more issues to go... I'm really going to miss this foray back into the 'verse when it ends. But at least it appears they're planning a follow-up, so we hopefully won't have to wait five years for the next series.

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