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April 30 2014

The Avengers are coming to Disney Infinity. Disney announced that several Marvel characters and worlds will be added to the game (including Lola!).

Interestingly, Spider-Man and Green Goblin seem to be joining the character roster as well. I wonder if Disney/Sony negotiations were involved. Or perhaps it is fine because Sony only owns the film rights.

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@libradude, You've got it exactly. Sony only has the film rights of Spider-man and his related characters. Disney retains the rights to his comic-book likeness and can use him in any way they want as long as it in no way infringes upon the film version of Spidey that Sony has created. Which is why there is a Spider-man cartoon that features Phil Coulson (voiced by Clark Gregg) without any issues.
Yeah Disney owns all the marvel characters. They just can't use certain ones in their movies. Marvel owns all the toy and animation rights.

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