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May 01 2014

'Empower: Fight Like A Girl' - a special collection of short stories by many Whedonverse writers. All proceeds will be donated to the Lupus Foundation of America to help solve the cruel mystery of lupus. Maurissa Tanchroen appears on the cover. Here's an Amazon UK link.

Ordered a Kindle copy this morning. Need to screen them to make sure there's nothing too inappropriate for my daughter, but based on her love of all things Hunger Games/Divergent, I'm sure it'll be OK.
Read the first few stories last night--really enjoying this collection!
I'm grateful for the information - and I nearly missed it before it slipped off the front page. I've bought a copy and look forward to reading it soon. I hope this sells well for the sake of the charity; but I purchased it entirely out of self-interest as it looks like good reading!
Love that cover.

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