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March 16 2004

PVP likes Firefly. Today's strip talks about our favorite cancelled show!

May have to update the link when the strip goes into the archives, as opposed to the main page, but for now, enjoy!

/Edit: Strip moved to Archives. Adjusted link accordingly.

Hah! That was funny. And pretty much me and my wife. She's a big Buffy/Angel fan, but generally not into SF. She wanted to see Firefly because it was a Joss show, but when we started liking it, I wasn't allowed to view new eps on the DVDs without her. Grr! Aargh!

Well, beats watching it without her, and her making snide comments about me being a nerd. I've known couples like that.
Oh, you should read the comments below the strip too. He actually liked the show alot, which Brent's comment at the end may not make clear.
Hee, that was cool. Thanks for the link.
As I told Simon earlier, I was visiting friends on Monday. They know I like Buffy, but they've only seen one episode, are unaware of this website and generally aren't too up on what goes on in pop culture. They said: "Hey, there's this new SF show on television, we really like it, we're going to try and watch the whole series. It's called Firefly, have you heard of it?"
Yeah I heard from my family in Holland that they're showing Firefly now. And just after I was praising the hell out of it over the phone too. Funny.
"...DVD adultery..." :)
So I've never heard of this comic before, is it a fairly well-known one?

That's a great story Caroline.
is it a fairly well-known one?

Depends on the circles you run in, I guess. I am a gamer, and I have known about it for a couple years. It is only an online comic, not a newspaper strip.
PvP is probably second only to Penny-Arcade in the webcomics domain. Penny-Arcade has also raved about Firefly (read Tycho's comments under the "Prince of Persia" paragraph).
Today's strip is about firefly too!
What a funny strip! And it's really beautifully drawn, too. Thanks for the link. I love good, unique online comix. Does anyone here like Fetus-X? It's a teeny weeny bit edgy.

Oh, and Eric M's journal is entertaining, too. He obviously enjoyed the Florida 'vampire slayer' story.

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