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May 01 2014

10 Angel episodes that were too big for Sunnydale. More Angel content from the folks at Den of Geek.

Ehhh, I really dislike the 'Angel is better than Buffy' comparisons which rely on arguments that Angel was more MATURE, DARKER, BIGGER, BETTER, SCOPIER!!!, etc.

It strikes me as an incredible misunderstanding of what each show was about, especially considering the depth and scope which BtVS explores via complex themes, metaphor and symbolism.

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Yeah, I'm also not really liking this list. I'm not seeing how those episodes are "too big for Sunnydale."
If I had to make up a list like this, most of the episodes listed wouldn't be on it.
"Before Tara, the Buffyverse experienced its first heart-wrenching loss on the Los Angeles side."

Because Buffy sending Angel to hell, and Jenny weren't heart-wrenching? Whaaa?
Oh it's been edited. I saw it yesterday and couldn't bring myself to post it as it started off with "Not all Angel episodes were set in Sunnydale".
Love me some Angel praises! ;-)
I enjoyed Angel the show more than Buffy, but this list doesn't do much for me. The first couple are interesting notes, but towards the end it just goes off the rails.

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