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May 01 2014

(SPOILER) Marvel's exclusive art companion piece for Agents of SHIELD's "Ragtag". Entertainment Weekly presents the piece and has a chat about it with Jeff Bell.

Ahhhhh, Emma Rios. She is an awesome artist. If you've never seen anything she's done, I would recommend picking up "Pretty Deadly," written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and colored by Jordan Bellaire. The first trade just came out and it it awesome.
Crap! I wish I knew about these prints before the first 3 sold out. They are each an edition of only 100 so I'm not hopeful of even being able to find them on ebay. I collect everything from all Whedon properties and I've been waiting for some S.H.I.E.L.D. merch.
I really like how they've been doing this. I hope they do it for every episode next season.
I think this is my favourite so far. I'm exxcited to see FitzSimmons featuring, I hope this means we'll get a lot of them in this episode. They've been a bit neglected recently.
I'm hope these prints will turn up in the Agents of SHIELD book that is coming out in July.
Like the artist, but probably my least favorite so far.

I'm growing concerned that they'll turn evil/psycho/Hydra Ward into sympathetic/misunderstood/father issues Ward. Tragic Ward is infinitely less interesting than Machiavellian Ward
Dont redeem him please!!
Redeem him, please!

He is never been psycho or evil, just a man on a mission, unfortunately, on the wrong side. But from the start he has only done what he has done before for SHIELD, but now for HYDRA. And everything does lend me to believe that he is more loyal to Garrett than to HYDRA. If Garrett was pure SHIELD, he would have been pure SHIELD. He doesnt seem to share nor the opposite any ideals of any organization he belongs, as long as it is Garretts. So he may not even really be a bad guy in the strict ideology sense. Now he is more open, more himself, not needing to force a persona and blend in, and that is the guy i find interesting, and not because of belonging to HYDRA. I think he can be ecually interesting on the right side again. After all, Faith didnt became less interesting with Angel. I think this version of Ward is more interesting back into the show as a good guy than dead or evil.

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Holy hell. This is great. I want this as a poster.

I'm pretty convinced AoS isn't interested in telling a redemption story. Ward has the potential to be an amazing character, and I hope they go in a new direction with him that doesn't involve redemption or killing him off to tie up a loose end.

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