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May 01 2014

Thirty-three fun facts about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Mental Floss looks back at a beloved show.

Real aficionados will know most of this, but there are a few intriguing snippets.

Has that video from Jeff Pruitt been linked before? 'cause it's awesome!
I'm pretty sure Jeff Pruitt's videos have been linked before.

I knew all of this except for Gellar saying Buffy was acceptable porn for prisoners.
Eh, Garlic works on Whedon vampires?
It wasn't used much but we did see it occasionally. Buffy had a stash of it in her weapon's chest and she and Willow hang it up around Buffy's bedroom in Passion to keep Angel at bay. Buffy also hangs garlic up all around her room in Wrecked to keep Spike from coming to her. We've never actually seen a vampire react to it though so it's always been a pretty random inclusion in BtVS mythology.
I'll have to watch for that on my next re-watch. Which reminds me, I need to start the bi-annual re watch!
My heart breaks a little every time I read about the animated series.
Grack21, vampmogs; Probably a couple stores in Sunnydale which sell pepper spray with microfine garlic added :-|.

Nitpicks (my favorite sport): I wish for once somebody would go into more detail about casting Buf and Cordy instead of just saying both were up for both.
Actors repeating as different villains; as much as I like both Brian and Camden, Jeff Kober is probably a little bit better known than either of themn so missing him was, well, a miss.

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Tom Lenk was one of Harmony's vamp gang, too, which is something I caught on a rewatch. Since he's in vamp-face the whole episode, you can only tell by the voice. But his is a highly distinctive voice.

I always figured the garlic was a "kitchen sink/let's try everything and hope something works" approach. Considering that Spike likes his blood spicy -- not to mention his fondness for onion blossoms -- I'm not sure the garlic would work on him at all.
I was under the impression that garlic was used as part of Willow's de-invite spell. In the Buffyverse it might only have an effect when used with magicks.
@andOtherDreams - Buffy has it hanging on her wall before Giles finds the de-invite spell in Passion. And she also has it hanging to try and keep Spike from seeing her in S6 and she never had Willow do a de-invite for Spike on her house that season (he walks in freely in Gone which is the next episode).
A little real life trivia: Garlic actually does work on everyone. Not just vampires!
ManEnoughToAdmit; Whatever burbah weed is, it msot lielly isn't garlic. Neihter are chili peppers, bnalck pepers, ginger, mustard, etc. (Reminds me, i need to decide which herbs make Trayvers fall down, gag, and lose control of their muscle movements, and which other herbs dissolve their skin and muscles.)
Also in The Wish, when alt-Sunnydale was essentially taken over by vampires, there were garlic ropes all over the place~ classrooms, doorways, etc. They didn't call a lot of attention to them, but they were there.

I love that we care about this.

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