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May 01 2014

Andy Serkis helping Mark Ruffalo with Hulk motion capture. Mark revealed the news the other day.

The Joss comments were linked to the other day so I've edited your entry accordingly.
Not that Mark Ruffalo did a bad job in anyway last time around, but Andy Serkis really is the gold standard when it comes to mo-cap. Good news.
Agreed - that's great news. Mark Ruffalo did a good job mo-capping the Hulk in Avengers 1. But if he wants to create a more complex motion-capture characterisation for Avengers 2, Andy Serkis is the go-to expert.
12 more months til we get to see this puppy. I for one can't wait!! I'll see you guys after I finish work on this time machine.
Oh nice! Andy Serkis is amazing. And since they are going this extra step I am looking forward to a lot of Hulk in the next one. Mark Ruffalo was such a genius casting for the part.
Hey Eddy, stop by and pick me up on your way to May 2015. I'll bring snacks.
Andy Serkis is a genius (he's also a terrific actor in non-motion-capture performances). Not that Mark Ruffalo wasn't doing a great job before, but it's lovely they've enlisted the best possible coach.

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