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May 02 2014

(SPOILER) Watch a clip from next week's Agents of SHIELD episode. 'Ragtag' is the second last episode of the season. Btw Hero Complex has the opening if you want to see another clip.

It'll always be the night-night gun to me.
This is some Victor-as-Topher type stuff. Hahahahah

Coulson slipping into the Scottish accent and May being all expressivey.
I love May speaking with the same inflection as Simmons. Pure gold! Plus, the whole idea of them interviewing for new jobs, and bombing out ("Hydra, on the other hand, less constrained in their thinking, and usually younger") is hilarious. Obviously, they're trying to infiltrate Cybertek, but still very funny. I hope the rest of the episode is this good!
I added a link to another clip.
Damn. Teenage Ward is even worse than I was expecting. That's a lot of anger long before the Asgardian Rage Stick.
Oh dear, and I'm at work and can't watch. Pure torture.
Office mate temporarily out. Garret and Ward. Yeah, that WAS fun.

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Wow! Is it Tuesday, yet?
Garrett is the best.
The best what?
The best psychopath. Bill Paxton is having so much fun with this role, the sense of glee is palpable. He's just a fun-lovin' charmer, right? Scary.
So much glee! That bit there makes me wanna root for Garret. #hailhydra
So running the math, Ward is roughly 15 in this scene. To those who care.

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