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March 17 2004

TV just doesn't nurture shows anymore. "...there will be a major void come September when the new season starts with not one Joss Whedon show on the air." Column in The Herald.

Wow, good piece. Can't say anything but that I wholeheartedly agree and wouldn't have been able to put it better myself.
Nice article and it is a sad reality that next season there will not be a Joss Whedon show on the air. I'd like to raise money to buy the WB executives a clue of what they are giving up....
I agree, excellent article that said it all. I'm thrilled that there is to be a Firefly movie because that's, at least, something to look forward to.
I agree with this article. Wonderfalls has been on for one week and already everyone is fearing cancellation. I don't like this trend in television nowadays. Shows should be given a chance to let their audiences grow, especially if critical reaction has been positive.

If Buffy season 1 was debuting this year, I'd imagine it would have been cancelled.

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