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May 05 2014

Clark Gregg debriefed on the final episodes of Agents of SHIELD. Comic Book Resources has a chat with Clark Gregg about the impact of Captain America 2 on SHIELD, the Avengers sequel and the first Marvel comic book that hooked him. And as the headline would suggest, there's also some hints about the last couple of episodes of the current season.

So. . . not too spoilery?
It amuses me no end that Clark Gregg and I shared the same Marvel "gateway" drug ... Jim Starlin's mind bending, if low selling, Warlock run in the 70's. That was one crazy decade.

I'll admit, some small measure of my enjoyment of the show comes from the fact I find most of the cast immensely likeable. I follow Clark, Maurissa, and Chloe on Twitter (they seem to be the most active) and their enthusiasm bleeds into mine I'm sure

That said, if Ward is redeemed by the finale I'll "unfollow" them all :)
I think the show has caught some real momentum recently (I am on the UK viewing schedule). If they keep up this rate of improvement, I'll be back for season 2.

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