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May 06 2014

Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a LucasArts adventure game. This is great, kudos.

Astonishing. I'm filled with a weird mix of admiration and of sadness that this is not concept art for a real game!
Yay! I made this. Thanks for posting it. I've been a quiet member of Whedonesque for years so it feels like quite an honour.
Andrew, I love what you have done! I wish this game would really exist, even just one scenario. It would be awesome.
Wow, these are amazing!

I think the Hush one is my favorite. The setting is absolutely beautiful and I love the broken Class Protector Award and Mr. Gordo in the equipment. It reminds me a little of the toy factory in The Legend of Kyrandia, one of my favorite point-and-click adventures; it would fit so perfectly into a game of that type.

The Magic Shop and Scythe ones are really close seconds though; both are amazing as well. Really I love them all. I'm terribly fond of both Buffy and old-fashioned adventure games and these capture the spirit of both of these things perfectly (and they're also quite funny).

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That's just fab!
Wow, I'd have loved (and still would love!) to play a LucasArts-style Buffy game. Great job, Andrew!

By the way, it's been posted on too:
Andrew, not meaning to sound demanding or anything, but might you still... some for Angel as well (possibly in Sierra style rather than Lucasarts - think of Angel himself as Sonny in old-fashioned Police Quest, Leisure-Suit Lorne, or a Pylea scene as if it would come straight out of a King's Quest!)
...make another 137 of these to cover every single Buffy episode?
...get into 'Adventure Game Studio' and make some full games out of this?

Those are all other words for 'excellent work!' by the way. You managed to seamlessly merge together two of my main passions! Those seven scenes are all uncanny depictions from the series with great eye for detail.
These are absolutely fantastic - well done.

Any chance you'll be selling prints online, Andrew?
Wow, these are fantastic. I grew up on Kyrandia and King's Quest and the like and I'm just flooded with nostalgia at the moment. What I'd do to see this as an actual game...!
Fantastic work, Andrew!
Thanks for the lovely comments. I'm hoping to get some prints sorted out to sell online soon. I hadn't anticipated them being so popular.

And clearly I'm going to have to do some more now too.

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