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March 17 2004

(SPOILER) Herc reports on Serenity casting news. Casting news appearing and disappearing online? Will Serenity be the pilot for a new series?

Maybe a spoiler if no one wants to know about characters in Serenity.

I think it was said a while ago that the script for "Serenity" is actually Joss' second script for the movie, something along the lines of how when he finished the first one he decided to write one that would play to fans of the show, people that never saw it, and also serve as a springboard to a potential second season of "Firefly".
As reported here last week. Universal must have told that Browncoats site to take the info down or it was a hoax.
I saw it last week too.

I posted this link because I thought it was interesting that the information has vanished, so as you said it was either ordered to be removed or a hoax.
For some reason, I'm more inclined now to believe it was a hoax. But I guess we'll have to wait and see once more details filter out in the next few months.
I don't know where the guy behind gets his info, but if you look under the March 13 entry on the News page he says, "No official word on Alan and Ron, although it's looking more likely that Alan is on board, but slightly less likely that Ron will." He then links to the now-pulled Browncoats casting sheet so that may be the source of his speculation. Or maybe there's more. Dunno.

I SO want Book to be there. I SO want to know his story. He's really the biggest mystery of the show right now. At least with River we have some idea what they were up to with her, or at least enough to speculate on, even if no details. All the others are presented as very straightforward thus far. Not that they couldn't have a little mystery introduced, there's just been none alluded to. Book is still so much ... a closed book.
The news that Joss wrote the second (and now official) "Serenity" script to serve as a springboard for a series.....has that actually been confirmed anywhere? It keeps getting repeated here and there and it sounds marvelous, but is it for real?

I also SO want Book to be there. Ron Glass brings a warm gravitas to the Firefly ensemble and by gum he is a mysterious fellow, a big juicy mystery on two legs. Although, melsta, another big unsolved mystery that was dangled in front of the fans was what the heck is Inara running from/towards? What was up with her syringe? Is she dying? That's another story I desperately want to see unfold.
I have to say that with this being the last season of Angel, having Serenity to look forward to has really improved my mood.
Though I want the whole crew to be in the movie, Book would probably be the character I'd miss the least, he would also lift out of the story relatively easily, there were no particularly strong relationships with a particular shipmate, and the story could just say that he found a place he wanted to live.
That's very true too, phlebotinin. I had forgotten Inara's mystery.
Count me in on the Book side. More interested in what's up with him than what's going on with the Tams. I'm so not interested in the crazy chick. But I guess if it's a money thing they would drop Book sooner than anyone else because he's, um, not young.

(This is Caroline, by the way - using a different account as I'm spoilerfree for Angel on my main login.)

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I also want Book to be in the movie. I don't agree that he doesn't have any strong relationships either. I also felt that he and River had a great connection and one of my best memories is River's reaction to Book's hair being lose. I also thought there was a great deal of intrigue into what Book's story was too.
As for Book's relationships with others, I liked the friendship that Jayne was developing with Book. Totally unexpected, but it was interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how that might affect Jayne (and Book, too) in the future.

I want to know more about Book, his secrets, his past. I want to know more about Inara, her secrets, her past. I want to know about Mal's early life and why he left Shadow. I want to know what's going on in River's brain. I want to know the history of Serenity--how did it end up in that junkyard anyway? I want to know about Wash's past. I want to see Wash (who I love, by the way) learn to deal with his Mal/Zoe issues and his own inferiority complex. I want to know Zoe's history. She grew up on a spaceship--why did she join up with the Independents, and why is she no longer with those with whom she grew up? I want to know what's going on with Badger (am I the only one who wants Badger to be in the movie?), and how he and Mal came to meet. I want to know how the Reavers became Reavers. I want Simon and Kaylee to finally kiss, I want to visit new planets, I want to have my heart broken and stomped upon by the inevitable twists and turns Joss and Tim would have pulled out from seemingly nowhere, and I want this show to be on my TV every week.

I can't wait for the movie. :)

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No, there has to be Book. I love his story. Ron Glass has expressed interest in coming back hasn't he? What I hope is that if there is some kind of scheduling conflict for him to film the movie that Joss retains the character for the story. Then maybe when we get the series back Ron Glass could pick it up again. Though it's hard to think of anyone else playing the character. The chemistry between Ron Glass and Adam Baldwin was fantastic!
As much as I'd love Book to be involved, I'm more on the "beggars can't be choosers" side of things. I'm so happy that this movie is even being made, and even more thankful that they didn't force Joss to cast Ashton Kutcher as Mal and Mandy Moore as Inara. I think I can make due without one character if I need to.

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They've had Book go on retreat in the series, so he wasn't in an episode, so they could always do that again. I've pretty much figured out Book's mystery, I'd just like to hear him tell the crew his history. I really loved his friendship with Jayne, and his relationship with River. Inara is a bit more intriguing mystery wise, and at the end of the series, was she still leaving Serenity, I mean after Heart Of Gold, or did Objects In Space change that? It was sort of unspoken.
I've always thought, though, that Book's past somehow fits with the alliance and the Tams. So it would be nice to have the entire cast back. And they don't even have to do anything between Mal & Inara. That could be saved for the future, if anything pops up. Just some friendly closure is what I'd like to see.. because, y'know, it's a Joss show and I don't want to see Inara or Mal die. Maybe Mal, actually..
I think there's a bit in "objects in space" where Mal asks Inara when she's going to tell the crew shes leaving.
OiS was different on the DVD vs. the broadcast versions. Since they didn't show the ep where Inara decides to leave (that was HoG, right?) they changed OiS when broadcast so it didn't reference it. The DVD version restores the reference.

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